My box of joy

I received a long awaited box in the mail today from My sister kara.
but it was not like any other box I have ever received.
here is the inventory:
2 pairs of shoes
mary kay samples for face, cheeks and eyes - Exactly what I expected to be in the box.
1 used tube coconut body cream from Bath and bodyworks

ok, she must have cleaned out her stuff and wanted me to look through it to see if I wanted anything. Cool.

2 bottles of used perfume
disposable garment shields- I thought my mom threw those in to be honest. She is always such a practical gift -giver.
flower shaped pendant
17 pairs of earrings
6 necklaces
10 bracelets
1 super cute watch
2 belts
and then it started getting weird…….
used chicken cutlets- (bra inserts that stick to your chest and give your silhouette oomph)
2 stuffed toys( the kind you find in happy meals)
2 used phones (one of them was mine)
empty personal lubricant box
(which i thought was just a clever way to use space)
paddle ball
Christmas ornament
strawberry Jell-o
banana Jell-o pudding
Used shoe deodorizer spray
Zip-lock full of skip-bo cards
old Bar of ivory soap
a Bunch of purple string
Financial planning brochure
3 seashells
and wait….
What the Hell?!
A used jock strap complete with cup


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