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one of my favorite pastimes

Ever want to tell someone you know to go F themselves without really doing it? I know I have.
I have a solution!
Write an e-mail, get it all out... i mean ALL of it. hold nothing back! then send it to the person you trust the most, whether it be a husband, sister, mom, friend. someone. It really works. the frustration goes away, and the person closest to you will give you praise for getting things off your chest the discreet and non- destructive way. try it sometime- i bet you will get addicted, and do it once or twice a day!

paella recipe

Here is my recipe for amazing paella. Pronounced  Pie-eh-yah

Paella is a spanish dish, I made it the totally non- traditional way.

I pre- cook about a cup of yellow rice that has saffron already in it

I put vegetable oil in  the bottom of a frying pan, chop half a white onion, and mince one clove of garlic.
I add 2 chopped carrots, 1 chopped green zucchini and 1 half chopped yellow squash, cover, and let them all soften. add about  a teaspoon of fine salt and stir.

 set aside.

Grab a non- stick skillet and turn the temperature on medium high
add pre cooked rice, and warm it through.
then, make a small opening in the middle of the pan by pushing the rice to the outsides, and cook ground turkey in the same pan.
the turkey absorbs all the amazing flavors of the saffron in the rice.
once the turkey is mostly cooked, turn the temperature on HIGH, and add your vegetables by spoonfull, making sure to drain off excess liquid before adding it to the rice.
stir and toss all the mixture like cra…

some recipes to share

In my quest for a svelte figure, I have tried experimenting with fresh ingredients, and completely removing red meat from my diet.  I constantly look at recipes, and watch food network all the time, but I never use the same ingredients- just the method. Gilian Mckeith is a wonder with weight loss. She is the star of the show called "you are what you eat" on BBC america. I started watching her when i was 17 or so, and I was hooked! you would be amazed at how motivated you will be after watching ONE episode. In my heightened curiosity, I found her website and stumbled across a recipe for an avocado dressing. if you need the EXACT recipe from the proprietor, HERE IS THE LINK.

 if not, here is my "version".


2 ripe, if not over-ripe avocados
3 squeezes of lemon
5 T extra virgin olive oil
2T to1/4 C water (eyeball it)
1to 1/2 t garlic salt (to ta…

I'm grumpy and kind of upset again.

so, My in-law's scale DOES suck.
I re- weighed myself and I am actually 147. stupid.......
And apparently, I'm shorter than I thought I was, too.
back to square one. I now have  42 pounds to loose. That is going to take me forever! but I'm going to do it.

there is something i think you all should know

According to my in-law's scale, I have lost 17 pounds in the last two months. either I have lost a LOT, or I
was not nearly as fat as i truly felt, and the scale i was using was messed up.
I am now at  the high end of my "healthy" weight scale , but I'm going to continue losing more.

yay 133 pounds!
25 pounds to go!

Couple things....

There are a few blog "projects" that are coming soon. I am still desperately trying to figure out how to post pictures of our new house on here. that is project number one.
Project number two is to blog my weight loss. For those of you that were not aware or haven't seen me in a while, I lost about 20 pounds last fall. (being on your own and the lack of money for food does wonders) I got married last december, and the weight has slowly crept back, plus more. the last time I weighed myself, I was suddenly 150 pounds- 10 pounds heavier than I have EVER been. Being 5'3", my BMI all of a sudden skyrocketed, and I am officially "overweight". coming from a family that has a strong history of being overweight and obese, I saw the torment it has caused them, and avoided it like the plague. This is also the reason why this weight gain has been so traumatic for me. most people haven't noticed, but that is just cause i carry it really well. According to weigh…


Looking back at most of my previous posts, I can see how amazingly depressing and negative they all are- not going to do that anymore. so If i start to become pessimistic, y'all should let me know.