making the best of what you have.

 John and I have gone through a lot of hardships, probably more than most "just starting out" married couples have had. I'm not saying that everyone else's struggles are not a big deal and we've had worse, but that our situation is unique. In the midst of these trials, John and I have really come to enjoy the simple things in life. We can't afford to go out to the movies, or even rent a redbox on the weekend like we did as an engaged couple. We sit at home at night an try to catch whatever appealing movie comes on the TV. We live with all the commercials by kissing until the movie comes back on. The last time we went out to eat was at applebee's a month and a half ago. it was 1/2 off happy hour, and we shared appetizers. but, I have come to learn that I really enjoy cooking for john, and i try to make each meal special. For his 23rd birthday, Instead of taking him to dinner and a movie, I took him to hollywood video so he could rent a free video game, made him dinner, laid a blanket out on the grass, lit some candles, and had a picnic in our front yard. Then I spent the rest of the night watching him do his homework. I didn't even have a cake mix or frosting to bake him a birthday cake, so I made him brownies from scratch. The one thing I thought made his birthday special was after eating, we laid out on the blanket and talked about traditions for our family. Especially birthday traditions. 
It's really the small and precious moments that have brought us happiness. Even though I wish EVERYDAY, that we had money for food, and  that I could go buy myself a new deodorant without thinking about how much money i had left for electricity the next week. but things are ok. we have a home, and a car that runs. 
we have parents that love us, and that have a lot of experience being poor themselves. we get lots of survival advice. most of all, this time has brought me closer to my savior. I used to want all that money could afford. This poverty once made me feel deprived and suffocated. Now I have learned that all of the finer things in life aren't that good anyway. I'm going to keep shopping at Goodwill on super saturdays, use every coupon, and let my husband pull perfectly good furniture out of the dumpster outside our townhouse. My husband was my inspiration for this post. He gets excited about everything! we just got back from Lowes with new pipes for our leaky sink, and bought 3 plungers for each bathroom just so we spent all the money on the gift card we were given.(we needed them too) He adorably said, swinging a plunger around " i don't know why I am so excited about these plungers, But i really am" with a larger than life smile.  What a thing to get excited about!  We got a pet emergency clinic magnet in the mail and he proudly put it on our freezer with a smile. when our sink was fixed he gave a little "hooray!" He is such an optimist:)   He is the reason I have hope. I love him more and more everyday. 


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