Trip to utah

We made it back home in one piece. I feel like i have a million things to write about.
The purpose of our trip was to attend our good friend's wedding. John and I were lucky enough to have his parents come with us. They drove and paid for gas, which was a huge blessing. We are so poor!
I have always loved road trips, but Meyers family road trips are SO MUCH BETTER.
John was not even in the car for 2 hours yet when he pulled out his stupid laptop and started playing video games on it. what happened to talking with your wife sitting next to you in the back seat? hoser.
He got what he deserved. about twenty minutes later, he rolled down the window so he could barf. ha ha.
I should have taken a picture.

I was able to listen to Twilight on CD on the way up. I'm not a twilight virgin anymore! I swear I was the last person to read it. We also got to listen to Murder by the book, which was pretty good. Kind of slow, but still readable. We finally got to the nevada order, and the hoover dam was undergoing some pretty amazing construction. The meyers family tradition is to come up with as many "dam jokes" as possible while still in the vicinity. 

such as " stop the dam car so i can use the dam bathroom" and,  look at all these dam people, they're everywhere" and so i decided to give it a try. " look at the damn dam!" it didn't work so well.

Before long we were in Las Vegas. I have never been there so my sweet father in-law obliged me by driving down the strip. they can keep it. I didn't feel the need to take pictures cause everyone knows what vegas looks like. we stopped at a nearby gas station and had a car-picnic lunch because it was like 40 degrees outside and the wind was blowing pretty good. John and I , and I'm pretty sure mom fell asleep until cedar city Utah. It was SNOWING! I don't remember snow, and it's been a lifetime since i have seen it. Naturally, I was like a little kid. It was exhilarating! We stopped in Beaver for an Ice cream cone from the cheese factory. I have been converted to cache valley ice cream now. I had their homemade chocolate peanut butter ice cream. Delicious!

This is John eating his pumpkin ice cream in beaver. It's snowing outside, and he volunteered to pump gas.

The next morning was good. I am sorry to say that I was in a seriously Bitchy mood during the whole trip, so every wrong turn John made, the more Irritated I got. But the sealing helped me to snap out of it. at least for an hour. It was the first sealing I have attended as a witness. The mount Timponogos Temple is beautiful.

I could feel the spirit strongly as Bryce led Anna into the room. I could tell they really loved each other. The sealing was beautiful, and my mind flashed back to mine. I was so nervous and a little scared, but calm at the same time.  We hung out in provo for most of the day. We looked around the art museum after the wedding luncheon at the wilkenson's center. I don't know why I am so bitter about BYU but, if my kids tell me they want to go there for collage, I would tell them " start saving your money now, cause I ain't payin' for it". I think it's because I have a ton of friends that go there, and they get sucked in and loose track of the rest of the world.... kind of like going into disney world. I pick disney.

The reception was amazing. It wasn't extravagant or even formal, but it was so simple and elegant, i had a hard time pulling myself away from the comforting atmosphere. The theme was fall. All the colors and smells and tastes of fall. marvelous! I feel stupid that we didn't take a picture with them! I'm so lame. they are coming down in about a week.... I will get a picture with them then.
Any way.....
The next day was pretty lethargic. We carved pumpkins and ate doughnuts and had apple cider and hot cocoa. It was nice to just do nothing, although I was pretty anxious to get away from all those kids             
 we also went trunk or treating with the nieces and nephews. john dressed up in his old wizard costume, and I dressed like a mad scientist. ZERO cost for those costumes. I just wore john's lab coat and goggles he uses at school.....and teased my hair like crazy. I got lots of compliments.
the next day we went to the salt lake temple with john's brother, Peter and his wife, Cynthia. AMAZING! I have dreamed about going inside that temple ever since i was a little girl. We attended a live session, which was pretty powerful, and i learned much more. John and I were going to do the temple square tours and sites and stuff, but i went back to the car to put on a pair of pants, and they didn't fit. I was depressed and ruined it for us. we took a quick walk to the lion house and then went home.  we also noticed the flags at the front of the church office building were at half mast, but the doors were locked, so we couldn't go in and ask why. we also looked at the beehive house and noticed that the two were connected, probably for the tours. anyway.... i was in a bad mood, and refused to let john get a picture of my face. I was so moody. blah. glad that's over. 

we came back to the birthday party for niece Audrey, pictured below. I hope my babies turn out that good.

She LOVES grandpa Meyers to pieces. She calls him " umpa"
All the little boy had a blast trick or treating with the daddies, and john and I stayed and played canasta with Cynthia. Cynthia made an awesome birthday cake for audrey... should have gotten a picture. It was a giant pumpkin.

 Nephews Matthew, Spencer and Jacob- cuties!

It was a good trip, and we were sad to leave, but I am so glad to be home. Large families are good and wonderful in small amounts.


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