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T'was the season of giving and grooming

This christmas was nothing short of a miracle for us.
About a week and a half ago, my expectations were very low, constantly thinking "man, I wish we would get SOMETHING for Christmas this year."
I spoke too soon. The next day, we received a gift card from a newlywed couple in our ward, a twenty dollar bill from my parents, a BOX full of gifts from my parents, A check in the mail for 250 dollars, a package from my aunt in florida along with another gift card..... and the list goes on.

we were the happiest individuals on the planet. We not only got essential items for our home, but we also went out and  got gifts for each other.

we also got these items for FREE, courtesy of our next door neighbor, and a sweet family in our ward.

Our WiCkEd SwEeT washer and dryer

a dining room table, with 6 chairs.
A complete bedroom set for a queen size bed, complete with mattress and box spring

and then we were given 3 queen size comforter sets... FREE!

Huh zah for us! we were very blessed. Not …

The lord is my light

Today kind of started off on a low. My husband and I got into a deep discussion (we don't like the word "argument") this morning that made us late for church, so we missed the sacrament. Sitting in the chapel listening to a speaker, I looked over at my husband, and his head was hanging down and his eyes were teared up. I asked him what the matter was and he said, "after we pay tithing today, we are only going to have 3 dollars in our account. we won't have any money for power until my next paycheck in two weeks." I immediately became somber, and on our way back to the house to get my checkbook, we realized that tithing has never been put into question, even now, when it's either pay tithing or loose power. We acknowledged that the lord has provided for us this far, there should be no hesitation. Just give it up. all of it, to him so we don't have to worry about it anymore. so we did. We wrote our tithing check for 15 dollars, and handed it into our…

Tender Monkeys

Yesterday was the most beautiful and pleasant day of my life in the last 6 months.
It was our 1 year anniversary, and the day started off great with breakfast in bed, prepared by my wonderful husband, John. This happens to be my favorite breakfast, and I haven't had it in a long time.

Fried eggs, homefries and fresh fruit:) He did a good job on the potatoes, and I hadn't noticed that one of the yolks had popped until he pointed it out. I was very impressed. But, the best part of breakfast in bed were the gifts he brought upstairs with it.  Be bought me a dozen roses, and a stick of deodorant.

 I Actually cried because I was so touched...... over deodorant! He is so thoughtful. It's not that he was trying to tell me I stank, but I have been asking him if I could get some for the last month or so. The stuff I was using stopped working a month after I got it.  It was so frustrating. we haven't been in the financial state to get routine hygiene items. The last purchase we…

My mom cracks me up.

Me and my sisters got our marvelous sense of humor from somewhere.
Today she called me on her way home from work and decided to tell me a little story. "Giiiiiirrrrrl, I was PISSED off on saturday." "why were you pissed off, mom?" I daringly asked. "cause our yard looked like shit. Our yard made sanford and son look like better homes and gardens" she replied. "i tore it up, and your dad had the NERVE to ask me why i was throwing away 3 5-gallon buckets full of his precious BROKEN bricks."   i tried so hard not to laugh. " He came out saying, you're not throwing THOSE away, are you? So i said, of course i'm bringing the buckets back."  Had it been two years earlier, she would have never had the guts to do or say that . Way to go mom.

I miss being in the south when you can get away with swearing in your daily conversation, and still be considered classy.

Loving john

I love my husband
Why, you might ask? here's why:
1. our going to sleep, and waking up routines.
 When we are trying to fall asleep, we always seem to veer off on more profound subjects for our pillow talk. Such as,
what names we like for our kids, what we would do for a whole day before dying, things like that. We also talk a lot about the gospel, and the scriptures and things like that. On the completely opposite side of the spectrum, in the morning we happen to be very silly. For example, THIS morning. John was kneelling for prayer with me, and having just woken up, I said RANDOMLY, "i want a dog." He said "you can't have a dog yet, we need to pray first". I said " but I want a dog NOW. you should be my dog" I said in a manner that wa to be interpreted as kidding, but was indeed very sincere.  so he was my dog. He liked my face with his morning breath tounge. wincing, I said "you've got the dog breath right". I started laughing so har…