The lord is my light

Today kind of started off on a low. My husband and I got into a deep discussion (we don't like the word "argument") this morning that made us late for church, so we missed the sacrament. Sitting in the chapel listening to a speaker, I looked over at my husband, and his head was hanging down and his eyes were teared up. I asked him what the matter was and he said, "after we pay tithing today, we are only going to have 3 dollars in our account. we won't have any money for power until my next paycheck in two weeks." I immediately became somber, and on our way back to the house to get my checkbook, we realized that tithing has never been put into question, even now, when it's either pay tithing or loose power. We acknowledged that the lord has provided for us this far, there should be no hesitation. Just give it up. all of it, to him so we don't have to worry about it anymore. so we did. We wrote our tithing check for 15 dollars, and handed it into our bishop. our Bishop called us into tithing settlement right after the block, and that is when John showed me that one of his home teaching families had given him some money for fixing their laptop. He didn't realize how much he had been given until he had shown me. In that wad he had in his hand was a fifty dollar bill, with a check written for 100 dollars. I immediately started crying at the generosity of this man, and we marveled at the miracle of paying our tithing, and having faith in the lord, and that he does provide. John and I cried together in front of our bishop, being overwhelmed with such gratitude and joy. We then answered the bishop's question, saying "yes, we are full-tithe payers." And illustrated the story of the small miracles that have happened within the last week, which brought tears to our bishop's eyes. He really cares about us, and this was a moment of joy that all of us were able to feel. the lord blesses the obedient. almost instantly.


  1. Oh my. I cried reading this. I love the miracle of tithing! You guys are amazing!


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