My mom cracks me up.

Me and my sisters got our marvelous sense of humor from somewhere.
Today she called me on her way home from work and decided to tell me a little story. "Giiiiiirrrrrl, I was PISSED off on saturday." "why were you pissed off, mom?" I daringly asked. "cause our yard looked like shit. Our yard made sanford and son look like better homes and gardens" she replied. "i tore it up, and your dad had the NERVE to ask me why i was throwing away 3 5-gallon buckets full of his precious BROKEN bricks."   i tried so hard not to laugh. " He came out saying, you're not throwing THOSE away, are you? So i said, of course i'm bringing the buckets back."  Had it been two years earlier, she would have never had the guts to do or say that . Way to go mom.

I miss being in the south when you can get away with swearing in your daily conversation, and still be considered classy.


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