Loving john

I love my husband
Why, you might ask? here's why:
1. our going to sleep, and waking up routines.
 When we are trying to fall asleep, we always seem to veer off on more profound subjects for our pillow talk. Such as,
what names we like for our kids, what we would do for a whole day before dying, things like that. We also talk a lot about the gospel, and the scriptures and things like that. On the completely opposite side of the spectrum, in the morning we happen to be very silly. For example, THIS morning. John was kneelling for prayer with me, and having just woken up, I said RANDOMLY, "i want a dog." He said "you can't have a dog yet, we need to pray first". I said " but I want a dog NOW. you should be my dog" I said in a manner that wa to be interpreted as kidding, but was indeed very sincere.  so he was my dog. He liked my face with his morning breath tounge. wincing, I said "you've got the dog breath right". I started laughing so hard! He barked, which was pitiful and almost disrespectful to all dog impersonations known to man. Still laughing very hard, I said "who's a good boy?!" in that sickening sweet tone of voice we all know, and then proceeded to scratch his belly. To my delight and fufilling my  assumption, he rolled over onto his back and began kicking his leg. I couldn't stop laughing! We get so random in the morning. After all that, I finally consented to have morning prayer, but this time with a huge smile on my face. I'm just glad he didn't think to smell my butt, because he would have. I would have flicked his nose. 

2. he comes up with the most random things, that result in me laughing my pants off.
Yesterday morning, I got up and made him french toast for breakfast. Remembering I had leftover bacon strips from the BLT I made myself the day before, i asked him, "sweetheart, would you like some bacon?" In an attempt to verbalize the extreme joy and excitement that filled his little body, He looked up at me, with crossed eyes, and said, much like the commercial for dog treats, "BACON!!!!!" I probably could have been safe not asking, but I just wanted to see what his reaction would be like. I don't know why it was so funny, but I found myself supporting my weight against the counter, trying not to fall on the floor.
 I also have caught him running up our stairs with his arms behind him, pointing up towards the ceiling. he claims he does this because it feels like he is flying if he runs fast enough. If you are having a difficult time visualizing what i am describing, take a look at the following picture:

3. He is such a snuggler!
I LOVE this about him. Some people are into kissing, but he LOVES to snuggle. Especially in the morning after waking up. 
I call him my snugglebug. He thinks it's cute:) He is always wanting hugs and to hold my hand. He loves to touch and be touched, and It is SO endearing. He really loves blankets, too. I'm glad I married a fellow blankie person. 

4. He is a total sweetie pie!
There is no way in the world that our children will ever be intimidated or scared of thier father.
This is a huge blessing to be. He is sensitive, and always means well. He opens my door for me (when i let him)
kisses me goodnight, and good morning. An interesting story, 
 We "inherited" a few christmas decorations from his parents. Out of the stack i chose to bring home, was a wreath with a suffed bear on it. He practically begged me to take it with us. I said "fine, but were're ripping the lame teddy bear off before we hang it on the door" He said "WHY?!" with wide, saucer -like eyes. "I like the bear!" he continued. "ok, ok." I said. "we will keep the bear. I'm just glad it's on the outside of the door that we hardly use. I won't have to look at it"  He beamed. Now I ask you, What kind of man does that? A SWEET one....

this guy is a brain with legs. 
He has a lot of amazing goals, and is extremely ambitious. He is studying biomedical engineering and wants to specialize in neuro prosthetics. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, he talks in his sleep. I usually can't understand what he is saying,  but after disscussing the dream he was having the next morning, it's pretty safe to say he math-talks in his sleep...... Nerd. His oldest brother doug called him a geek, which is a huge deal. If you knew doug, you would be thinking, "damn! john MUST be a geek if DOUG said so." I try to encourage his intellectuality by talking about deep things, and reccomending books for him to read. Me and my pitiful GED. 

he has his moments, but he is by far, the most amazing person I know. He's my favorite.


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