Tender Monkeys


Yesterday was the most beautiful and pleasant day of my life in the last 6 months.
It was our 1 year anniversary, and the day started off great with breakfast in bed, prepared by my wonderful husband, John. This happens to be my favorite breakfast, and I haven't had it in a long time.

Fried eggs, homefries and fresh fruit:) He did a good job on the potatoes, and I hadn't noticed that one of the yolks had popped until he pointed it out. I was very impressed. But, the best part of breakfast in bed were the gifts he brought upstairs with it.  Be bought me a dozen roses, and a stick of deodorant.

 I Actually cried because I was so touched...... over deodorant! He is so thoughtful. It's not that he was trying to tell me I stank, but I have been asking him if I could get some for the last month or so. The stuff I was using stopped working a month after I got it.  It was so frustrating. we haven't been in the financial state to get routine hygiene items. The last purchase we made other than power and gas, was toothpaste.  So when I saw him bring it upstairs, I broke down in tears, knowing the sacrifices we would be making, and how hard it must have been for him to spend our gas money on me.  After we finished breakfast, we went to the public library about an hour before it opened. They have this program called "culture pass" were you can check out a free ticket  for four to selected museums and other venues in the east valley. It's a first come first served type of thing, so we waited for an hour, happily playing phase ten to get our free admission to the phoenix zoo (which would have originally costed us 17 dollars a pop.) We were the first ones there, so we got exactly what we came for. We went home and got ourselves cleaned up, and went to the Temple to do sealings. It was a special experience for us.   The wind was blowing pretty good, and tunneled it's way up my already billowy shirt... that's why it looks like I'm pregnant in this picture.

We then wet home, had lunch, and took off to the zoo! It's been forever since I have been to the zoo, so I was especially hyped about it.  

The lion was so real it seemed fake. I always seem to be in some sort of awe when I encounter things in person that you only see in movies. The paws on this guy were huge.  a wee ma way a wee ma way a wee ma way a wee ma way...............


this is me, poking a rhinoceros in the butt. his butt was ugly.

This little guy was cute until he turned around. It was like watching a little person.....with fur...... and a tail.

this is john, the new spokesperson for goat germs.

And this is me, brushing a goat at the petting zoo.

John is my spider man:)

Random peacock strolling around the zoo

This is john being cute on the back of a komodo dragon. I still can't believe they let him do that.......

So I decided to kiss it.

I don't remember the name of this giraffe, but he supposedly sings at night when the zoo lights come on.

we ended the perfect day at the cheesecake factory for dinner. I had the chicken bellagio, which was phenomenal. I enjoyed every bite. I spent most of the night with my eyes closed while chewing. I think the fact that I didn't cook it made it taste so good. John commented that my face looked really familiar, and it was making him uncomfortable while we were in public.  John had a steak. woo. I was tempted to take pictures of our food, but resisted the urge, because that would officially make me a fat person, cause that is what fat people do..... take pictures of their food. I can prove it. We ordered the red velvet cheesecake in honor of the red velvet cake we had made for our florida reception. It was incredible.


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