T'was the season of giving and grooming

This christmas was nothing short of a miracle for us.
About a week and a half ago, my expectations were very low, constantly thinking "man, I wish we would get SOMETHING for Christmas this year."
I spoke too soon. The next day, we received a gift card from a newlywed couple in our ward, a twenty dollar bill from my parents, a BOX full of gifts from my parents, A check in the mail for 250 dollars, a package from my aunt in florida along with another gift card..... and the list goes on.

we were the happiest individuals on the planet. We not only got essential items for our home, but we also went out and  got gifts for each other.

we also got these items for FREE, courtesy of our next door neighbor, and a sweet family in our ward.

Our WiCkEd SwEeT washer and dryer

a dining room table, with 6 chairs.

A complete bedroom set for a queen size bed, complete with mattress and box spring

and then we were given 3 queen size comforter sets... FREE!


Huh zah for us! we were very blessed. Not to brag about it, but I would love to share the creative and meaningful gifts that were exchanged between john and I. First, there was the laundry detergent. "so you can wash my clothes" I think was the reason I got. but not just any laundry soap, John got me the ingredients to make my own. I swear this boy is bound determined to see me slaving over something on a constant basis. I was pretty cool with it since it saves so much money! 1 cent per load, it's GREEN, works in HE machines, is perfect for sensitive skin, and it very easy to make. we took turns opening gifts, lengthening the precious moments of of unwrapping our five gifts each out to half an hour.

            john was continuously clever, and got me a shower curtain rod, shower curtain rings, and a toilet paper holder for the upstairs bathroom. Isn't he such a Cutie?


we roam around our house in style.  
 we got lots and lots of hygiene items for each other. the required items for good grooming have been distant for so long, it was nice to finally get them as gifts.
Deodorant: check
Body wash: Check
shampoo: check
Makeup for Moi: check
Hair gel for johnny: check
Hotness: priceless

We were able to talk to Andre' on his mission. It was pretty exciting.

Christmas exceeded our expectations, due to the kind -hearted individuals that have been put in our lives.

We made the soap today.... it was reminiscent of a witch stirring her brew.


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