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34 weeks pregnant, A 2 year marriage, and a partridge in a pear tree

On sunday, John and I celebrated 2 years of marriage. 2! it seems like I blinked during our last anniversary dinner, and here we are again. I was really sick and stayed home from church, and it was a lame anniversary (neither of us planned anything- we're both to blame), but be are gearing up for some pretty big things in the next 6 weeks to come (which is probably why the anniversary got put on the back burner)

I celebrate my 34th week of pregnancy this week! 

I'm feeling stronger movements- he's not gentle. they are, however, less frequent. he's run out of room, and i can only pray that my due date was mis-calculated and that he's not just going to be an 11 pounder! 6 more weeks.... 6 more weeks.... 6 more weeks.

Christmas is coming! i never thought i would get so excited about it.  John's parents will be in Utah for christmas,and mine are in florida so this is the best time to come up with our own traditions and activities.

 this trimester has been really challe…

thirty weeks on thanksgiving

I am thankful for this baby. I am thankful that he is healthy and we have had no problems sharing. I am thankful for my sweet husband who has put up with the weepy me. I am thankful for our home, and for the opportunity I will have to bring this sweet boy into the world within the comfortable confines of our home.  I am thankful for long distance calls so I can get a grip on reality through mom-talks. I am grateful that we don't have much. It keeps our life simple.

Change is gonna come

Autumn is here, and will shortly be gone. It will be winter before We know it.
Huge changes in my life are about to take place, including ones that I cannot see.
But I know that they are there. I am one of those few people who get warm and fuzzy at the thought of change-it doesn't scare me. It makes me want to be prepared. It's a sign that I am growing.

The arrival of our son, and the transition from being a married couple to a family, will be the biggest change we will face this year. This, makes me VERY excited.

Not many people know this, but after many days, and three semesters of being direly unhappy, John has changed his Major at ASU. He was in his junior year, studying to become a Biomedical Engineer. Next fall, he will be in his junior year (again) at ASU, studying to become a High school science teacher. That's right. Secondary Education in chemistry. It's taken our plans for the future on a ride. But I can say that the changes in our home life have been mostly…

ooh.... glasses!

Yesterday I pulled into the driveway after a long day at work, and noticed that my house key was NOT on my keyring. I cried, but I got to hang out with my husband at his job until he clocked out. John asked me to DJ the drive home, so I put on some Rascal Flatts  and we were pretty quiet, just listening to the words and getting into the mood of the song. we come to a stop light and I randomly look over and see a man in the bike lane next to us, waiting for the light to turn green. He happened to be wearing shorts, and his legs were clearly visible. Without a second thought about the romance that was blossoming in the car, I stupidly and publicly observed "MAN..... that guy has AMAZING calves!" mood killed? for sure. *smacks forehead*  Good job, Tessa. Sometimes my thoughts come out my mouth and they get me in trouble. For instance, the time I told John " I would totally marry you" and " I can't wait to be a mom."

if you haven't heard of David Thor…

It was a real treat to be alive this week

Monday: We had An AWESOME family home evening lesson on worthy music that ended up in a short dance party to this song.

Tuesday: The weather was incredible!
I got a surprising phone call from an old friend
Got my house clean again

Wednesday: went to joann fabric store with My friend to get some stuff for my baby shower.
My old friend came to visit! We love you Hermana Ghan!

Thursday: went to help put up christmas lights at the Mesa temple, and I am STILL kicking myself for forgetting the camera.
we were also able to be a part of a surprise party for our friend, Ryan.

Friday: It was friday. How could it get any better?

Saturday: My baby shower! I feel blessed to have had my expectations exceeded.
thank you to all who came! And thank you Jen for doing such a great job!


I've been coming up with yummy stuff in the kitchen.
I was inspired by a cooking show hosted by This guy. (love him) what's in it is : simple. potatoes, onions, carrots, salt, pepper Not simple: smashed garlic cloves, marjoram, balsamic vinegar, butter, oil, rosemary, parsley. Zingy and delish. Ask me how I did it. 
John turned 24. I made cupcakes for his softball team.  it's a tradition that we try to get candles all into one cupcake, and he's now 24- that was a whole box of candles! next year, I'm going to have to make a bigger cupcake!
Lately....... Dalton is getting more people food than normal. one night we came home and found that he had somehow gotten into the fridge. I swear this dog has magic powers. one of us must have left it open enough for him to be able to do the rest. the worst part was that he ate the Potatoes photographed above. I didn't even care that he ate the bacon that was in the fridge, and threw up twice. I cried. Well, I guess I cry ab…

I never want to paint again.

On labor day we had a painting party. I decided that trying to get the baby's room done during the holidays didn't sound the least bit appealing- so we did some planning to get it done by halloween.

our first project was covering our old cork board and turning it into a photo holder- john ended up doing all of it :)

 the fabric reminded me of the lettuce in Mr. Mcgregor's Garden (the nursery theme is peter rabbit, My FAVORITE children's book as a kid)
We painted the nursery

the guest bathroom

                                                                                 and did a much needed makeover on some furniture- REALLY labor intensive. we haven't even started on the crib yet.

I vow to not make this a blog all about my pregnancy

but my next post WILL be about the beginnings of the baby's room festivities and probably a picture of my thinning face ( yes!) and growing belly. (woo!)

Some other happenings in our household have been:
1. Summer ending
2. Me going back to work (with benefits-score!)
3. John going back to school and work at ASU
4. Me working franticly with the primary for primary presentation
5. having a more organized and CLEAN life/schedule/home

 these things make us VERY happy.

REALLY exciting thing #2

those of you who visit facebook regularly already know this, but John and I found out on thursday that we are having a baby boy! Hooray boy!

his first glamour shots
i could have made some money off of him because I had MANY co-workers demanding that they KNEW it was a girl, and bet money on it. It's too bad it's against my religion.

the ultrasound tech said " it's pretty obvious, and not much of a guess, because THAT (pointing) is the umbilical cord, and THAT, is not."
yes, yes, our son is well endowed :) wouldn't it be just HILARIOUS if it ended up being a girl after all this penis talk? HAHAHAHA! Along with finding a penis, they measured his development at 21 weeks instead of the 19 we originally calculated with our midwife. We'll see if she pushes my due date back, which I would LOVE. We don't have a name yet, and probably won't until we get to meet him- but we have several that we like. I am so so very excited, and i feel extremely blessed to h…

exciting thing #1

We got a new vacuum.
most of you probably didn't know this, but Dalton's electrocution accident left us with a fried vacuum, and we had been borrowing the in-laws' every week since I was 8 weeks pregnant. But oh, was it worth it:

introducing the newest member of our family: the Dyson Ball.  Ha-cha-cha! after using it ONCE i remember making the crude comment of  "Damn! this thing sucks like a blond prostitute!" It's almost inconvenient how powerful this thing is.  It's even light enough for me to carry upstairs by myself:)  Hooray, vacuum!

Dear big bird

Hi honey. I just wanted to say thank you for making my first trimester pretty wonderful. It'll all be over next monday- and you'll be 13 weeks old. You were such a surprise! I didn't throw up once, and my energy levels stayed at a functioning level, even though i did my fair share of complaining. I was pretty worried that you were just a figment of my imagination, and that you were not really inside my tummy, or that you didn't want to be there and decided to leave before you were supposed to. but you ARE! I heard your heartbeat for the first time today. it was SO STRONG. your daddy was smiling at me the whole time while we listened to the whoosing sound of your little heart. You did your fair share of kicking, too! I am so excited to start feeling you move around. I promise to keep you as safe in my tummy as best as i can. I hope you look like your daddy. Even if you are a girl.
I never imagined how I would feel when I started thinking about becoming a mother, but I a…


That's my name for them anyway.
Yesterday I had a SERIOUS case of what felt like pre-mature PMS.

We had a big giant family home evening with the Meyers that are in mesa, and the Meyers that came down from UT for a week. I was glad to see them, but the smallest things set me off.

 hopefully these scenarios find your funny bone as they did mine this morning. apparently I have this alter-ego. She's a deep south redneck. very similar to a florida cracker. I call her "beulah" my mom has one just like her. so come and slip on my hormonal coke-bottle glasses.

I walk in the door at 6:30 and dish myself some dinner as we were apologizing for being late, and then somebody chimes in " yeah, dinner was like.. an HOUR ago". 

beulah: well NO SHEEIT, sherlawk. Do we really owe YOU an explan-a-Shien? I don' thank so.
Me:  I say nothing.

an in-law walks into the house hacking their brains out. he was in the hospital for two days with pneumonia this past week. the poor guy. …

not sure how this happened

but this is what my house seems to enjoy looking like :(

it's funny, I used to think this was the worst i've let it get. These are just the pictures I'm willing to share.
It looks as though dalton is anti-recycling.  i asked john if i could get a maid and he laughed at me. I need some help! I'm not feeling very good lately and have lost ALL motivation to get anything done.  I need to see if these ladies will take a house call

'cause my house sure fits their qualifications! (google: how clean is your house?)

sleep- journaling

This picture was not posed. john ACTUALLY found me like this. Drool and everything :

I've been trying so hard to write in my journal regularly. Does it show?  

It's summertime and the living is... easy?

I just thought I would type up a quick update for all to read. I'm giving this blog a makeover. so don't be surprised of some of my bitter stuff goes missing. this blog was intended to be for the two of us anyway.....
I think my parents would like to see what is going on in my life. So I thought i would finally let them.

First and foremost:

Recent picture of the happy couple. I call this one " john 'hancock' and the beached whale" Enjoy.
We really need to start taking more pictures:(
AS you can see, i'm still not at a healthy weight. I think there could be some medical things interfering with my weight loss, But I'm trying not to think about it.
I'm eating very little meat and almost no dairy. I still  seem to just be maintaining my 150.

As of last tuesday, John Is DONE with school for the year! PrAiSe the gods! I love having my prince charming back. He is now working at General dynamics full-time over the summer and, might I add, has become indisp…

what's new, pussycat?

whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.....

anyway...... sorry bout' that.
let's see. john and I finally got our blasted stimulus money- 6 months late.

that was a real treat. it's nice not to be desperately poor anymore.
we got a dog for my birthday.

I love this dog! Dalton is a human trapped in a dog's  body. A needy child to be exact. He's a beagle around 8 years old. the first 2 weeks were rough trying to adapt to him, and him to us. john got pretty frustrated and wanted to take him back, but I looked up at him with tears in my eyes and said "you're nOT taking MY dog!" things are doing MUCH better now. We love him SO much. he's perfect for our family.
I started taking a drawing class this semester, and my first portfolio got an A! woo hoo!

One point perspective. Graphite pencil on drawing paper.

2 point perspective. graphite pencil on drawing paper.

  multi-point perspective still life. graphite pencil on drawing paper.

Sighting and surface mapping still life. Graphite…

The art of Pooping

I have the strangest fear of toilets. Especially the ones at my work.

Last year, the main building had clogged plumbing, and the kindergarten room I worked in, was in the main building. one day in april, right around easter, I felt that nature was about to call, and she wasn't very happy, so i excused myself to use the faculty bathroom. I walk through the lounge, turn the corner, and there was an out of order sign on the bathroom door. So i hightailed it out of there, thinking maybe i could get the key to the other bathroom across campus from my supervisor. She kindly suggested that i just use the bathroom that was in the classroom- the bathroom that she always uses, so it's always clean. So, I took her up on her offer. Before, I used to just not liking to use a shared bathroom because I 'm afraid i'll leave a toxic smell, and that would embarrass the heck out of me. So, I used to flush immediatley after I felt I had
"emptied" all that i had. I did it on this…

now what?

I think in "blog" now. isn't that somethin?

I'm fresh out of hateful gossip, cruel childhood memories and humorous stories.
So i'm just going to give the information people actually WANT to hear.
I dunno, maybe after this post, someone might beg me to go back to the offensive swear-word swamped contention I am so famous for.

but for now, I'll stick with the UPDATES.

John just started his 2nd semester of his 2 year at ASU. So far, he's enjoying his schedule, which i am also enjoying. This semester's 16 credit hours are much better than last semester's 16 (lol) . He Is also working at the Tech studio on campus repairing laptops and such. Over the winter break he went back to work for CSC, the company that does the tech work for general Dynamics in scottsdale. General dynamics is a military defense contractor. he's such a computer whiz. I actually know who he is now! the last 4 months were so awful. 4 classes and 4 labs. Disgusting. And on top of…

Goliath Dolphin

I made my first real enemy on sunday. it was at church. the worst and most unlikely place to make an enemy.
I'm sure there are plenty of people that don't like me, but I normally don't care, and can be cordial to them.
I define "enemy" as being a person that doesn't like me, but that i don't like right back. 100 fold.
I stood up for myself when this person crossed me. I used to let people walk all over me. not this person. I declared my rights as as a human being to her face, and now, i swear i'm going to have nightmares about her, cause i can't stop re-playing it in my head.
i've already imagined a plot or two.

There she'll be, pulling into our empty covered parking space in a beat-up pontiac.
Wearing one of those faux fur capes she bought at a 50's specialty thrift shop. it's funny, imagine her being dressed more fabulous than she ACTUALLY dresses in real life.
She walks through our gate un-invited. i just Happen to be home alone…


I am a deep thinker.
Always have been. Always will be.
I think too much.
I get exhausted. my mind stays at 500 mph.
 I will think myself to death.
My therapist advises me: "meditate. focus on the now".
Daydreaming is an addiction, I tell her.


I don't know what it is; but it works.
rhythmic, stroke-like movements.
constant noise, blocking out all possibilities of thought.
 vibration of the handle buzzing in my hand.
 making straight lines in the carpet.
Thoughtless, instant gratification.
soothing. I understand now, why I could sleep through it as a baby
I just wish I had more carpet.