I am a deep thinker.
Always have been. Always will be.
I think too much.
I get exhausted. my mind stays at 500 mph.
 I will think myself to death.
My therapist advises me: "meditate. focus on the now".
Daydreaming is an addiction, I tell her.


I don't know what it is; but it works.
rhythmic, stroke-like movements.
constant noise, blocking out all possibilities of thought.
 vibration of the handle buzzing in my hand.
 making straight lines in the carpet.
Thoughtless, instant gratification.
soothing. I understand now, why I could sleep through it as a baby
I just wish I had more carpet.


  1. That is how I feel about mowing the lawn. You can see where you have been, where you are going, and can solve the worlds problems and sweat your butt off at the same time. Not that I get the chance to cut the grass much, but when I do, it is mindless, yet satisfying.

  2. That's funny.
    I've NEVER seen you mow the lawn.


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