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sleep- journaling

This picture was not posed. john ACTUALLY found me like this. Drool and everything :

I've been trying so hard to write in my journal regularly. Does it show?  

It's summertime and the living is... easy?

I just thought I would type up a quick update for all to read. I'm giving this blog a makeover. so don't be surprised of some of my bitter stuff goes missing. this blog was intended to be for the two of us anyway.....
I think my parents would like to see what is going on in my life. So I thought i would finally let them.

First and foremost:

Recent picture of the happy couple. I call this one " john 'hancock' and the beached whale" Enjoy.
We really need to start taking more pictures:(
AS you can see, i'm still not at a healthy weight. I think there could be some medical things interfering with my weight loss, But I'm trying not to think about it.
I'm eating very little meat and almost no dairy. I still  seem to just be maintaining my 150.

As of last tuesday, John Is DONE with school for the year! PrAiSe the gods! I love having my prince charming back. He is now working at General dynamics full-time over the summer and, might I add, has become indisp…