It's summertime and the living is... easy?

I just thought I would type up a quick update for all to read. I'm giving this blog a makeover. so don't be surprised of some of my bitter stuff goes missing. this blog was intended to be for the two of us anyway.....
I think my parents would like to see what is going on in my life. So I thought i would finally let them.

First and foremost:

Recent picture of the happy couple. I call this one " john 'hancock' and the beached whale" Enjoy.
We really need to start taking more pictures:(
AS you can see, i'm still not at a healthy weight. I think there could be some medical things interfering with my weight loss, But I'm trying not to think about it.
I'm eating very little meat and almost no dairy. I still  seem to just be maintaining my 150.

As of last tuesday, John Is DONE with school for the year! PrAiSe the gods! I love having my prince charming back. He is now working at General dynamics full-time over the summer and, might I add, has become indispensable to the company. WAY TO WORK BABE! I am so proud of all the work you do to keep our family together.

My last day of work for MPS Will be on May 27th, and then I go back for summer school ( which I am SO grateful for) for the month of june. I miraculously landed a job at the GAP in tempe marketplace starting next week (also, VERY grateful for) I'm also looking for tutoring jobs and house cleaning jobs I can get my hands on. I think that would be something I  will continue doing if I don't get my job back at MPS. I plan on working my tail off this summer so we can horde money. if my calculations are correct, we will make around 10,000 just for this summer.(exciting) I am so grateful to Heavenly father that we will be able to save it all minus our mandatory expenses. I LOVE having ZERO debt.

John lost his scholarship, so we won't have an excess of scholarship leftovers anymore. Thankfully, he still will receive enough grants, that he still won't have to pay for school ( also, VERY, VERY grateful for) Heavenly father is taking good care of us financially, due to our strong testimonies of tithing.

AS for me, i'm enjoying Mental stability, my beautiful home, my little family, and all the small joys and miracles we encounter daily.


  1. Glad you're back in business. I've missed your updates! And yay for the blessings of tithing. Can I get an AMEN?!


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