Dear big bird

Hi honey. I just wanted to say thank you for making my first trimester pretty wonderful. It'll all be over next monday- and you'll be 13 weeks old. You were such a surprise! I didn't throw up once, and my energy levels stayed at a functioning level, even though i did my fair share of complaining. I was pretty worried that you were just a figment of my imagination, and that you were not really inside my tummy, or that you didn't want to be there and decided to leave before you were supposed to. but you ARE! I heard your heartbeat for the first time today. it was SO STRONG. your daddy was smiling at me the whole time while we listened to the whoosing sound of your little heart. You did your fair share of kicking, too! I am so excited to start feeling you move around. I promise to keep you as safe in my tummy as best as i can. I hope you look like your daddy. Even if you are a girl.
I never imagined how I would feel when I started thinking about becoming a mother, but I am so happy you decided to happen when you did. Your midwife is such a neat lady. We are excited to involve her in this precious time in our lives. So baby, just keep doin' your baby thing, and feel free to grow grow grow the best that you know how.
                                                        We love you already,

                                                                      mommy and Daddy


  1. You're pregnant! I had no idea! Wonderful news, congratulations!!!

  2. You're so cute! I love reading your blog because it is A)quite entertaining. You are extremely eloquent and B)hilarious. Thanks! P.S. If you need help with anything let me know, but I am no bueno at keeping anything neat and clean. In fact, I think I need your help, lol.


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