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I never want to paint again.

On labor day we had a painting party. I decided that trying to get the baby's room done during the holidays didn't sound the least bit appealing- so we did some planning to get it done by halloween.

our first project was covering our old cork board and turning it into a photo holder- john ended up doing all of it :)

 the fabric reminded me of the lettuce in Mr. Mcgregor's Garden (the nursery theme is peter rabbit, My FAVORITE children's book as a kid)
We painted the nursery

the guest bathroom

                                                                                 and did a much needed makeover on some furniture- REALLY labor intensive. we haven't even started on the crib yet.

I vow to not make this a blog all about my pregnancy

but my next post WILL be about the beginnings of the baby's room festivities and probably a picture of my thinning face ( yes!) and growing belly. (woo!)

Some other happenings in our household have been:
1. Summer ending
2. Me going back to work (with benefits-score!)
3. John going back to school and work at ASU
4. Me working franticly with the primary for primary presentation
5. having a more organized and CLEAN life/schedule/home

 these things make us VERY happy.

REALLY exciting thing #2

those of you who visit facebook regularly already know this, but John and I found out on thursday that we are having a baby boy! Hooray boy!

his first glamour shots
i could have made some money off of him because I had MANY co-workers demanding that they KNEW it was a girl, and bet money on it. It's too bad it's against my religion.

the ultrasound tech said " it's pretty obvious, and not much of a guess, because THAT (pointing) is the umbilical cord, and THAT, is not."
yes, yes, our son is well endowed :) wouldn't it be just HILARIOUS if it ended up being a girl after all this penis talk? HAHAHAHA! Along with finding a penis, they measured his development at 21 weeks instead of the 19 we originally calculated with our midwife. We'll see if she pushes my due date back, which I would LOVE. We don't have a name yet, and probably won't until we get to meet him- but we have several that we like. I am so so very excited, and i feel extremely blessed to h…

exciting thing #1

We got a new vacuum.
most of you probably didn't know this, but Dalton's electrocution accident left us with a fried vacuum, and we had been borrowing the in-laws' every week since I was 8 weeks pregnant. But oh, was it worth it:

introducing the newest member of our family: the Dyson Ball.  Ha-cha-cha! after using it ONCE i remember making the crude comment of  "Damn! this thing sucks like a blond prostitute!" It's almost inconvenient how powerful this thing is.  It's even light enough for me to carry upstairs by myself:)  Hooray, vacuum!