REALLY exciting thing #2

those of you who visit facebook regularly already know this, but John and I found out on thursday that we are having a baby boy! Hooray boy!

his first glamour shots
i could have made some money off of him because I had MANY co-workers demanding that they KNEW it was a girl, and bet money on it. It's too bad it's against my religion.

the ultrasound tech said " it's pretty obvious, and not much of a guess, because THAT (pointing) is the umbilical cord, and THAT, is not."
yes, yes, our son is well endowed :) wouldn't it be just HILARIOUS if it ended up being a girl after all this penis talk? HAHAHAHA! Along with finding a penis, they measured his development at 21 weeks instead of the 19 we originally calculated with our midwife. We'll see if she pushes my due date back, which I would LOVE. We don't have a name yet, and probably won't until we get to meet him- but we have several that we like. I am so so very excited, and i feel extremely blessed to have had this phenomenal pregnancy. HALF WAY THERE! woo hoo!


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