October 26, 2010

ooh.... glasses!

Yesterday I pulled into the driveway after a long day at work, and noticed that my house key was NOT on my keyring. I cried, but I got to hang out with my husband at his job until he clocked out. John asked me to DJ the drive home, so I put on some Rascal Flatts  and we were pretty quiet, just listening to the words and getting into the mood of the song. we come to a stop light and I randomly look over and see a man in the bike lane next to us, waiting for the light to turn green. He happened to be wearing shorts, and his legs were clearly visible. Without a second thought about the romance that was blossoming in the car, I stupidly and publicly observed "MAN..... that guy has AMAZING calves!" mood killed? for sure. *smacks forehead*  Good job, Tessa. Sometimes my thoughts come out my mouth and they get me in trouble. For instance, the time I told John " I would totally marry you" and " I can't wait to be a mom."

if you haven't heard of David Thorne please take the opportunity to seek him out. I read some of his stuff and laughed SO HARD that I made that old man wheezing sound, and cried. SO if you need a pick me up because a 2nd grader is being a lazy reader and wasting your time- look him up. this one is probably my favorite. A word of caution: filter read the first few sentences before embarking on any piece. he does get a little raunchy.

John has been really quick with his wit lately, and getting a genuine, hearty laugh out of me in place of a laugh that was uttered out of pity. this evening it was " DALTON! MOVE YOUR FAT BUTT!" I Laughed so hard, not at just the way he said it, but that he said it in the first place. he said "what's so funny?" I said "his butt isn't even fat!"  He concluded " It's fatter than mine!" so I said "honey, it's not hard to have a butt fatter than yours." he then agreed by saying " a Matchstick has a fatter butt than I do."

precious. He makes me more proud everyday.

It was a real treat to be alive this week

Monday: We had An AWESOME family home evening lesson on worthy music that ended up in a short dance party to this song.

Tuesday: The weather was incredible!
I got a surprising phone call from an old friend
Got my house clean again

Wednesday: went to joann fabric store with My friend to get some stuff for my baby shower.
My old friend came to visit! We love you Hermana Ghan!

Thursday: went to help put up christmas lights at the Mesa temple, and I am STILL kicking myself for forgetting the camera.
we were also able to be a part of a surprise party for our friend, Ryan.

Friday: It was friday. How could it get any better?

Saturday: My baby shower! I feel blessed to have had my expectations exceeded.
thank you to all who came! And thank you Jen for doing such a great job!

"RoAR" means hello

October 16, 2010


I've been coming up with yummy stuff in the kitchen.
I was inspired by a cooking show hosted by This guy. (love him)
what's in it is : simple. potatoes, onions, carrots, salt, pepper
Not simple: smashed garlic cloves, marjoram, balsamic vinegar, butter, oil, rosemary, parsley.
Zingy and delish.
Ask me how I did it. 


John turned 24.
I made cupcakes for his softball team. 
it's a tradition that we try to get candles all into one cupcake, and he's now 24- that was a whole box of candles! next year, I'm going to have to make a bigger cupcake!

Dalton is getting more people food than normal.
one night we came home and found that he had somehow gotten into the fridge. I swear this dog has magic powers. one of us must have left it open enough for him to be able to do the rest. the worst part was that he ate the Potatoes photographed above. I didn't even care that he ate the bacon that was in the fridge, and threw up twice. I cried. Well, I guess I cry about most things anyway, but I was really upset.
John spilled a container of vegetable soup, and it seeped under the fridge. 
Who needs a mop?


I'm Huger. Yes, huger is a word. 24 weeks huger.
We also picked out a name for this little surprise.
Paxton Hardy Meyers
how cute is that? I can call him Pax- which I think is awesome.

Paxton's room is starting to come together.....slowly

I've got five of the white cube shelves that I'm hanging in his room.
His crib is all set up and the furniture looks great.

and here is the bookcase and photo board john made, along with other decorative items.


I have been trying to take more pictures, So I was lame and took pictures of John cutting down our neighbor's tree.

John says "safety first"
He's cute. I Think I might keep him.