It was a real treat to be alive this week

Monday: We had An AWESOME family home evening lesson on worthy music that ended up in a short dance party to this song.

Tuesday: The weather was incredible!
I got a surprising phone call from an old friend
Got my house clean again

Wednesday: went to joann fabric store with My friend to get some stuff for my baby shower.
My old friend came to visit! We love you Hermana Ghan!

Thursday: went to help put up christmas lights at the Mesa temple, and I am STILL kicking myself for forgetting the camera.
we were also able to be a part of a surprise party for our friend, Ryan.

Friday: It was friday. How could it get any better?

Saturday: My baby shower! I feel blessed to have had my expectations exceeded.
thank you to all who came! And thank you Jen for doing such a great job!

"RoAR" means hello


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