ooh.... glasses!

Yesterday I pulled into the driveway after a long day at work, and noticed that my house key was NOT on my keyring. I cried, but I got to hang out with my husband at his job until he clocked out. John asked me to DJ the drive home, so I put on some Rascal Flatts  and we were pretty quiet, just listening to the words and getting into the mood of the song. we come to a stop light and I randomly look over and see a man in the bike lane next to us, waiting for the light to turn green. He happened to be wearing shorts, and his legs were clearly visible. Without a second thought about the romance that was blossoming in the car, I stupidly and publicly observed "MAN..... that guy has AMAZING calves!" mood killed? for sure. *smacks forehead*  Good job, Tessa. Sometimes my thoughts come out my mouth and they get me in trouble. For instance, the time I told John " I would totally marry you" and " I can't wait to be a mom."

if you haven't heard of David Thorne please take the opportunity to seek him out. I read some of his stuff and laughed SO HARD that I made that old man wheezing sound, and cried. SO if you need a pick me up because a 2nd grader is being a lazy reader and wasting your time- look him up. this one is probably my favorite. A word of caution: filter read the first few sentences before embarking on any piece. he does get a little raunchy.

John has been really quick with his wit lately, and getting a genuine, hearty laugh out of me in place of a laugh that was uttered out of pity. this evening it was " DALTON! MOVE YOUR FAT BUTT!" I Laughed so hard, not at just the way he said it, but that he said it in the first place. he said "what's so funny?" I said "his butt isn't even fat!"  He concluded " It's fatter than mine!" so I said "honey, it's not hard to have a butt fatter than yours." he then agreed by saying " a Matchstick has a fatter butt than I do."

precious. He makes me more proud everyday.


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