November 26, 2010

thirty weeks on thanksgiving

I am thankful for this baby.
I am thankful that he is healthy and we have had no problems sharing.
I am thankful for my sweet husband who has put up with the weepy me.
I am thankful for our home, and for the opportunity I will have to bring this sweet boy into the world within the comfortable confines of our home. 
I am thankful for long distance calls so I can get a grip on reality through mom-talks.
I am grateful that we don't have much. It keeps our life simple.

November 6, 2010

Change is gonna come

Autumn is here, and will shortly be gone. It will be winter before We know it.
Huge changes in my life are about to take place, including ones that I cannot see.
But I know that they are there. I am one of those few people who get warm and fuzzy at the thought of change-it doesn't scare me. It makes me want to be prepared. It's a sign that I am growing.

The arrival of our son, and the transition from being a married couple to a family, will be the biggest change we will face this year. This, makes me VERY excited.

Not many people know this, but after many days, and three semesters of being direly unhappy, John has changed his Major at ASU. He was in his junior year, studying to become a Biomedical Engineer. Next fall, he will be in his junior year (again) at ASU, studying to become a High school science teacher. That's right. Secondary Education in chemistry. It's taken our plans for the future on a ride. But I can say that the changes in our home life have been mostly positive. He's not nearly as stressed, and is therefore a much nicer person, and a more understanding and caring husband. I have my summertime John during school-what a treat!

My job at longfellow Elementary will surely come to an end with the arrival of summertime. That, my friends, is going to be very difficult. It took me a lot of months to find this job. It took me a lot of minutes to love it- frustrations and all. Being a stay-at-home mom, is going to be a HUGE change. But I have a few projects up my sleeve to keep myself sane.

Eventually, we will be selling our house, and moving to another state. THIS makes me excited, although it's far off from now (far off, meaning in year and a half at the very least). We are pretty much set on oregon becoming our new home- where we plant our livelihood and our roots, permanently. I love living on the coast, wether it's east or west.

I have also been making some personal changes. the things that motivate me are changing, My habits, my thought process. things that have become lost are becoming found again.

change is good.