34 weeks pregnant, A 2 year marriage, and a partridge in a pear tree

On sunday, John and I celebrated 2 years of marriage. 2! it seems like I blinked during our last anniversary dinner, and here we are again. I was really sick and stayed home from church, and it was a lame anniversary (neither of us planned anything- we're both to blame), but be are gearing up for some pretty big things in the next 6 weeks to come (which is probably why the anniversary got put on the back burner)

I celebrate my 34th week of pregnancy this week! 

I'm feeling stronger movements- he's not gentle. they are, however, less frequent. he's run out of room, and i can only pray that my due date was mis-calculated and that he's not just going to be an 11 pounder! 6 more weeks.... 6 more weeks.... 6 more weeks.

Christmas is coming! i never thought i would get so excited about it.  John's parents will be in Utah for christmas,and mine are in florida so this is the best time to come up with our own traditions and activities.

 this trimester has been really challenging. I am really sensitive- more so than I was in before pregnancy. Especially about my size. 
yesterday, I went to the vegetable stand, and the dude that was bagging my groceries decided to completely remove his social filter and announce " Damn! you look like you're about ready to POP!" I immediately felt my face get hot with rage. but instead of lashing out at this guy, I decided to make him feel like an idiot.
So i replied " .....nnoooooo. what are you talking about?" with a look of confusion on my face. " how many months are you? you look like you're about done." he continues. So I cleverly say. "Ummm... i'm carrying twins." and the look on his face was priceless. he tries desperately to sputter out an apology "i'm, I'm.... sorry, i didn't meant to... uh, Sorry...." but i cut him off saying " just for future reference, it's really not a wise thing to talk to a pregnant woman about her size." and I walked away. hearing a faint, "sorry" from his direction. but I walked out with a huge smile on my face. I'm actually pretty amazed i didn't cry about it afterward. 

But in other news, John made it through finals and is working full time at General Dynamics over the break. I made it to winter break for MPS- two weeks off! I'm looking forward to all the little projects i need to complete around the house. 

Everyday, I get more and more amazed at the blessed life we lead. I have a job that gives me greater satisfactions than the frustrations that go along with it.
I have a husband, though very flawed, adores me, and is excited to become a father to our child. He has listened to my problems and has literally been my emotional waste dump. he's encouraged me, and even pushed me the hardest to be the best [pregnant] person I can be. We have received so many kindnesses and gifts from others that might as well be strangers. we got everything we need for the baby without spending any of our own money. And because of that, We were able to pay our midwife in FULL out of our own pocket without going into debt. 

The lord loves us, and we try not to forget to love him back.
may you also feel of his unconditional love this christmas season.

      Merry Christmas!!!!


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