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Any day now/ It's been peachy

holy cow. 40 weeks. He's due on wednesday. this is it, don't get scared now.

My midwife estimated his size at 8 lbs. 12 oz as of today. He's going to be a 9-pounder when he actually comes. yikes.
my mom has been here for a week. It's been peachy. I haven't cooked a single meal or done the dishes once. Fabulous. I am really glad she's here. REALLY glad. My dad and two younger siblings are leaving florida on wednesday and should be here saturday. I am going to pray EXTRA hard for the baby to come before then. feb 3rd would be perfect.  It gives me 2 days to nest. yeah. did you hear that pax? you have 2 days to say goodbye to your comfy spot inside my belly, ok? ok.
The power of positive thinking!

This shall be framed and hung

I got the SWEETEST gift from my supervisor today. It was a photocopy of a poetic article written on boys. It goes like this:
My favorite part- the part that will be painted or vinyl lettered on the wall of this little man's bedroom will be  "A boy is truth with dirt on it's face, beauty with a cut on it's finger, wisdom with bubble gum in it's hair, and the hope of the future with a frog in it's pocket."
I'm in love. And it's not even friday! who'da thunk?

Let's lighten up, shall we?

It seems as though i have been completely consumed by morbid realities and sadness- my last three posts have been overwhelmingly depressing. I've been a bit pensive and thinking about a lot of heavy stuff, and it shows.
let's get the happy posts going again. (sorry it took me so long)

I'm excited.
my last day of work is on thursday. My mommy flies in on saturday. I turn 21 (yes, 21)next wednesday. Sunday is my last sunday in primary for a while. Today is my last birthing class. I am one week closer to being a Mom. And I get to hang up or burn several hats that I have worn for a long time. no more teacher hat. no more primary hat for a while. no more student hat. no mom hat yet. i get to focus on wearing only two. wife and daughter.
ahhhhhhhhh. Calgon couldn't make me feel this good.

on another note: i love this little dog.

Acquainted with grief

Grief is the only human behavior that has multiple emotions.

Rage. Sadness. sorrow. guilt. anger. hopelessness. doubt. fear.
Empathy. selfishness. revenge. hate.

We grieve everyday without knowing it. we don't have to experience a major loss or tragedy to do it. We grieve for other people, too. 

Today, I grieve for my neighbor. 

She and her husband have known many tragedies and hardships this past year. one after the other.Last January their baby girl was born with a spinal dystrophy condition, and was given a life expectancy of two years. this little girl has lived half her life inside the hospital, and the other half at home with a full time nurse.

His parents came from Tonga to visit.
his dad fell inside their home and hit his head very hard. it caused a severe brain injury, and he had a very long and complicated surgery. he made it through the surgery.

he died a week later. 

My neighbor was once again, pregnant, and due on her baby girl's first birthday. 3 weeks before I am due.

A rock and a hard place.

this morning, I stayed home from work. I woke up pretty easy, and didn't feel very tired. I Decided to forgo shampooing my hair so I would have time to make a good breakfast for John and I. I got myself dressed, and tied my greasy hair into a ponytail, and proceeded to do my makeup.  I didn't get very far before I started crying, and un-doing the foundation job I had just finished. I thought to myself "I don't know how much longer of this I can take." 

I have been blessed with a wonderful pregnancy.I would not trade this for any other woman's pregnancy. I vowed to never complain about the symptoms I DO get, and to NEVER use my pregnancy as a crutch and milk it for what it's worth. I have heard Women who might have trouble getting pregnant say "oh, i would GLADLY throw up every day all day and gain 100 pounds if only that meant i was actually going to have a baby." Ladies, you'll have your limits, too. your body is not perfect. I'ts unfair to…

Death is hard

It was the first sunday in January, 2002. Fast sunday. I remember waking up that morning and thinking I had so much I had to be grateful for because my sister, Amber, would be moving in with us that afternoon. Mickey Mouse decided he loved her as much as I did, and gave her a REAL job, starting in February. Our family would no longer feel broken anymore. Or so I had hoped, anyway. 

The morning routine ensued, finding the missing sets of scriptures and the mate to the only pair of sunday shoes that fit my little brother's rapidly growing feet. All four girls fought for use of the only bathroom in the house. I got my baby sister dressed for church. I Fed her the rice cereal my mom had already mixed, while she did her hair.Emily was moving a little slower this morning. We were threatening to leave without her. And so expediting the process of getting dressed, she asked ME to pick out the shoes she should wear.ME? of all people, she asked me.I must have chose the right pair, because sh…

some goings-on (post 2 in a chain of 3 or 4)


Christmas sweets and doggie treats (post 1 in a chain of three or four)

For christmas this year, it was quiet.
it was simple.
it was beautiful.

After a breakfast of waffles topped with strawberries and whipped cream, and a side of delicious bacon- we opened the few but precious gifts that were nestled underneath the tree.

We went and saw harry potter and spent the rest of the day devouring the sugar cookies we had made the day before.

we played a quiet card game and passed the time before we were able to video chat with my family in florida. technology is a wonderful thing! 

I made Dalton some doggie treats for his Christmas present! it was actually REALLY easy.

And lucky for us, he's happy eating just about everything.