Acquainted with grief

Grief is the only human behavior that has multiple emotions.

Rage. Sadness. sorrow. guilt. anger. hopelessness. doubt. fear.
Empathy. selfishness. revenge. hate.

We grieve everyday without knowing it. we don't have to experience a major loss or tragedy to do it. We grieve for other people, too. 

Today, I grieve for my neighbor. 

She and her husband have known many tragedies and hardships this past year. one after the other.Last January their baby girl was born with a spinal dystrophy condition, and was given a life expectancy of two years. this little girl has lived half her life inside the hospital, and the other half at home with a full time nurse.

His parents came from Tonga to visit.
his dad fell inside their home and hit his head very hard. it caused a severe brain injury, and he had a very long and complicated surgery. he made it through the surgery.

he died a week later.  

My neighbor was once again, pregnant, and due on her baby girl's first birthday. 3 weeks before I am due.
She went in the day before Her due date for a prenatal check up, and they could not find a heartbeat. Their little baby had died.

that was last monday. 

I have not yet stopped grieving for this family.
if it had been a year ago and I had heard all this, I probably would have said something similar to "why would god inflict so much pain on one family?" or " what did they do to deserve this?"

but last night as I received this news, my first thought -to my total surprise, was "they have known one tragedy after the other.Heavenly Father must have something HUGE in store for them."

And he does.


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