Let's lighten up, shall we?

It seems as though i have been completely consumed by morbid realities and sadness- my last three posts have been overwhelmingly depressing. I've been a bit pensive and thinking about a lot of heavy stuff, and it shows.

let's get the happy posts going again. (sorry it took me so long)

I'm excited.

my last day of work is on thursday.
My mommy flies in on saturday.
I turn 21 (yes, 21)next wednesday.
Sunday is my last sunday in primary for a while.
Today is my last birthing class.
I am one week closer to being a Mom.
And I get to hang up or burn several hats that I have worn for a long time.
no more teacher hat. no more primary hat for a while.
no more student hat. no mom hat yet.
i get to focus on wearing only two. wife and daughter.

ahhhhhhhhh. Calgon couldn't make me feel this good.

on another note: i love this little dog.


  1. Haven't been on your blog for a while! So sorry for all the crap! I suffered from severe pelvic girdle pain (used to be called symphysis pubes dysfunction). I am like less than 1% of cases where mine was super severe and I like you did not complain...no one knew (except family) till after I had 2 more babies! Then I complained. haha! I have information on my website www.pelvicpainresource.yolasite.com. If you ever need to talk you can email me or whatever! I know the pain! Keep you chin up, you are doing great and will be a great mother!


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