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If any of you "followers" out there know me via Facebook, most of you are aware that my husband and I recently got back from our florida vacation. We Stayed in my hometown- Mostly to see family, but also to see whomever wanted to see us. 

It felt so good to be around my family again.I was really missing my mom and siblings. 
My Dad hasn't changed. I'm tired of being tactful when it comes to talking about my father. Or for anything else for that matter. I was really heartbroken and very hurt that regardless of family- nobody went out of their way to visit us- or even asked to meet somewhere for that matter. And the ones who said they would- are just a bunch of liars. I even had 1 person I used to be close with look me in the eyes and just walk away like I wasn't even there. ANd then my Dad Decided to be an @$$hole the entire time my mom was on vacation and home with us. That probably hurt the most. That being said- screw you all.
"friends" and even some fami…