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Hide and seek

I've gone into hiding for a while. I've deleted my Facebook account, my twitter, and ravaged the list of blogs I followed. I got released from primary. Kind of happy about it. I was spending too much time looking into everyone else's lives and not working on mine. I have been struggling with my faith, and after making the grueling realization that I've got a lot of repenting to do, I now hide while I seek.
I've been doing much better this past month, with the exception of a few days. I have been diligent with journaling. I keep 2 and I am working on a third. My personal Journal, a journal that I record Paxton's milestones and anecdotes in, and a gratitude journal. I also have picked up my scriptures a few times. I have not read them regularly since the hubster and I came to be. But my longest absence..... six months, give or take. Not one jot or tittle. I'm as astounded as you are.  Sunday, I managed to feel the spirit. Not at church- in my own home. Lately I…