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on my heart

Life for us is NUTS right now. I started my first real semester of college on August 18th and It's been stressing me out. It's all online, but accelerated. I have 5 classes this semester, but I have 3 this term (7.5 weeks) and 2 next term. There is no cumulative final and I have the flexibility of doing my homework/ assignments when I have time and wherever my laptop is. Trying to be the mom I want to be for paxton, the wife I want to be for John and the student I want to be for me, Is the hardest thing I have done. That's saying a lot. This is harder that natural childbirth- and THAT is hard. I have wanted to quit MANY times. Sometimes, I have wanted to quit being a mom and wife, and that was more painful to deal with. I could be a student for the rest of my life- I enjoy it that much. I have learned SO MUCH. I feel spread really thin just because I have higher expectations of myself than what I am actually capable of, and on the other hand, I'm not performing to THE …

Veggie Tales

For the past four days, I have not consumed : Meat, dairy, eggs, sugar, salt, beans, seeds, or grains.
What I have been consuming has consisted of  fresh veggie and fruit juices, smoothies, and cooked and raw fruits and vegetables.
So far, i've noticed that I sleep better and fall asleep faster and my energy levels have not suffered. I can do the same amount of work without needing as much fuel. I should do much better about drinking water-  would probably feel like wonder woman by now if I drank enough. The first three days were hard. I was just plain hungry and wanted to eat everything the first day, craved meat and dairy the second day, and craved starches and sugar the third. Today, I don't crave anything. I'm just hungry, but that's because I haven't eaten yet this morning.

I also fed Paxton his first bits of broccoli. Not very succesful

I also found that he LOVES watching veggie tales. I turned it on for him one morning just to see what he would do, and to my …