December 31, 2012

Holiday recap and other happenings

 Sometimes I hate Christmas.
 It was a special time for me as a kid, but after Emily died, my expectations were never met (not even talking gifts, here), and I was always disappointed. I was ripped away from the only family I knew, only to create traditions that I did not enjoy. This year I was EXCITED. Really excited to be around my husband's family and to enjoy my time with all of them for the first time ever. Christmas started out great. I skyped with my mom and She got to watch Paxton open his Christmas presents. All was going well until later that evening. John spent our gift money on me, so we were not able to get gifts for everyone. (Paxton did manage to get a gift for all his cousins, though. the dollar store is a wonderful thing) So I had this idea to write a letter to the whole family. My goal was to bring to light their strengths because sometimes I feel like I hear more negative things about them. So I shared some really private things about my life with them. Things I haven't shared with many people, and have chosen to keep private. My family is falling apart, and I wanted them to know I was grateful for the stability and the example they provided to me on how a family is supposed to work. I was sincere and poured out my heart- and I offended members of my family in the process.  And then I had an unwanted visitor. So let's just say, Christmas was a big let-down. And I feel like it always will be.

I try to make a resolution every new year, and it seems like I fail on them all in the first month.
I tried harder than ever to remember birthdays. I missed several, but I said happy birthday to more people this year than I have in 23 years. This year, I make none. No new year's resolutions. I'm just going to live this year with no expectations of myself. There are too many things being required of me. I release myself from resolutions.

good frigging riddance 2012. You pretty much sucked.

In other news, I'm 14 weeks pregnant. pretty sure this one is a girl. I'm barely showing, but I can feel it moving around. This baby is super chill. Good thing. We are going to need an easy baby this year. I remember paxton being really active from the beginning. I started feeling him super early- like 12 weeks- and the when the midwife found his heartbeat he kicked the doppler over and over. This baby's heartbeat took longer to find, and there were no kicks. I feel like I am poisoning the poor thing though. I can't seem to put effort into taking care of myself (pregnant or not) and I don't seem to feel happy about anything. It's really hard on me emotionally this time. in every other aspect, I am a blessed pregnant woman. I never throw up, and my nausea is manageable. If I had the kind of sickness almost every other woman has, I would probably not have any more kids. I guess I'm just that selfish.

December 7, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Hello all,

Let's cut to the chase. We have another baby on the way!
Miracles happen and this pregnancy is one of them.

Please pray for john and I. We have a lot of changes that need to happen before she ( I hope) gets here, including but no limited to trading in our car for a van, purchasing a double stroller, and The most important being, finding a home to birth in. I doubt any if you forgot, but I plan on doing a home birth at all costs with all of my children. We just don't know where home is going to be. The way I see it, we have 2 options:
1. Buying a house before June 30th
2. checking in to a luxury hotel with a swimming pool sized bath tub.

I hope for the first, but wouldn't mind the second.

We are otherwise thrilled, and we wish everyone a happy holiday season, and a very Merry Christmas.

October 9, 2012

Catch -up

It's been a long time since I posted something up here. My life has been consumed by putting more effort into my other blog. It's doing pretty good. Obviously, I haven't made the "oh my gosh, your that one girl from that one cool blog" reaction from perfect strangers yet, but I might get there one day.

School is good. I really like what I am learning, and even better, I am getting awesome grades.
I take theory tests almost weekly, and so far, I've aced them all. I hope to be considered for  a scholarship in January. I will be accepting clients in January :)

John is busy. The weeks fly by because we are so busy. I can't believe it's october already!
He has Work/ volunteering/internship in the morning, then school in the afternoon. He has no school on friday, which is nice. We see each other in the morning for a few minutes, and then for an hour after I get home with Pax-man.

We bought John a scooter because there was no way we would be able to coordinate who got the car and who would have to find other means of transport. It was a smart move for us. Much less expensive than purchasing a second vehicle. Luck for both of us, John loves his scooter. he has an absolute blast driving that thing. For a while, the picture of his scooter (called "ginger" due to her lovely orange color) was the wallpaper on his iPhone for a while. He's such a boy, sometimes.

We are really anticipating the next phase of our life.
John was able to do some networking at a teaching convention, that lead to an invaluable connection. He can get a job at whatever high school he wants in the phoenix and mesa school districts, even if there are no job openings. He wants to teach at mesa high, and that is the plan. after he makes it through this semester, he will be student teaching until May of next year, and most likely working for General dynamics during the summer until he has to set up his classroom.  We hope to be able to buy our second home soon after. we have not made any plans as to what to do with our townhouse, whether we keep renting it, or sell it eventually (if the market ever picks back up). I know I am looking forward to a second car (a minivan) and to have another baby. things will happen in due time.
I hate the phase of  "wait and see" because I like to have somewhat of a plan.We got called as nursery leaders in our brand new ward. on paxton's first sunday in nursery. it's not as bad as I thought it would be.

Paxton is into everything. I think I have just given up on trying to keep my house child-proof. nothing is Paxton- proof. If he wants something, he will find a way to get it. A quality I like in adults, not babies. He is SO vocal. I have a hard time understanding him, but I'm getting better. He WHINES all the time. I'm trying to get him to stop that.
 He has all 4 molars, 4 teeth on top, 3 on bottom. Our nursing relationship is complicated. I've nursed him every day for 20 months, and I am really just ready to be done. I think if I can hold on another 4 months, I will have accomplished everything I wanted as a mom to her first child. Now I just have to do the same exact things for all our other kids. next month, We are going to start potty-training. yippee.

That is pretty much everything we have had going on. Hope everyone is well.

July 10, 2012

This is what a normal day looks like (honestly)

7:00 am
wake up to a goodbye kiss from John and promptly fall back asleep.
wake up and lay in bed for another half hour due to sheer laziness and lack of will to move my body.
9:00 am
wake up and sneak downstairs without bothering to put on clothes.
go back upstairs because I haven't mastered ninja abilities, and woke pax up with my monster footsteps.
Check Pax' diaper. If not at full capacity, come back in 10 minutes.
9: 35
Turn on Curious George and hop on Facebook to see what transpired overnight.
Change Paxton's diaper.
give him breakfast

if he's nice about it, nurse him.

eat a bag of potato chips.

sit on couch and start the "how I met your mother" marathon.

snoop in the kitchen for food. Full fridge, but still nothing to eat.

eat 6 slices of toast and get my crumbs all over the couch and in my sweaty cleavage.

 Feed Paxton while multi-tasking as his jungle gym.

While netflix is still blaring, turn on my laptop.

Check my email. Oh, right. Nobody sends me emails.

1:02 Hop on facebook. If nothing has changed since the last time I checked Facebook, I go "Troy Dunn" and see if I can stalk people I haven't seen or even thought of in years. Usually, all my past love interests.
Watch a series of YouTube videos about other's lives instead of living mine.
Put paxton in a choke hold until he falls asleep. Then put him in crib.
Put clothes on for school. yeah, I should probably draw my eyebrows back on. They freak out about stuff like that....
Put a smile over the gaping hole that guilt has dug once John walks in the door. Pretend to have done something constructive.

4:20 Get in car and drive to school.
Waste my time trying to teach myself how to perm.
Waste my time waiting in line to clock out form school.
I walk in the door to happy boys who still haven't eaten supper.

attempt to make a quick supper.

dinner is served

Paxton is put to bed without a bath

9:35- 10:35
john and I argue until we are too exhausted to keep it up.

we fall asleep annoyed with each other.

June 18, 2012

Summer Bummer and total randomness

WARNING: gloriously long post about nothing important.

I just realized that this is my 99th post since I started this blog. I decided to have a Poll. What should my 100th post be about? Since I don't get many questions or comments, I am willing to take requests. Is there something you want to know about me that I haven't openly divulged already? or should I do something funny? let me know in the comments!


Many of you have probably been wondering how our summer is going. I started Beauty school on June 4th, and life has been busy. At school we are learning "Chemical re-texturing of the hair" so basically, perming and relaxing. So far, I have taught myself everything I know, and I am ahead of everyone in class. It's been frustrating for me because I get bored if I am not being challenged enough or if I can't go at my pace. It's also frustrating because the teacher is not doing her job correctly. If I wanted to teach myself cosmetology, I wouldn't be spending 16 hours a week away from my son while I did it. I was really looking forward to the small class size and individualized instruction. This is just a glorified homeschooling experience... but with manequin heads.... and more profanity. There are several benefits of school though- Free beauty services. I will be chopping my hair off. Probably today. Which would you like to see on me more?

obviously, I wouldn't go blonde( been there, done that, REALLY regretted it) but I love her long bangs.

I'm leaning toward these. a nice homage to my doppelganger

I'm only a lot obsessed with short hair. I went through a phase of wanting the long luscious locks, but it never looks good on me. And it's also annoying to deal with during makeout sessions. ( this is a family blog!) No fun. I will forever be a low-maintenance gal, but I embrace it.

Paxton is a little stinker. as usual. he is getting to be such a big boy, but I am in NO rush for him to grow up. We still breastfeed (cause I know you are all curious) and I am feeling more ready to start the weaning process. Not that anyone cares, but the way I want things to play out (crossing my fingers) is to wean him from the binky at 18 months, reduce nursing to a consistent 2 times a day and potty train at 22 months, and wean him completely off breastmilk by the time his 2nd birthday comes around.

As far as adding to our family, we will see what Heavenly Father has in store for us. I am Hoping he is on the same page that we are. That's all i'm gonna say about that. Hopefully, we will have a house of our own before it happens because as most of you know- I push my babies out in the comfort of my own home. Which leads me to....

 WE'RE MOVING!! Hopefully if things work out just right, we'll be out of our place by the end of July/ beginning of August. If not, we'll be out of our place at the beginning of September. John will start his student teaching in January of 2013 and since I will still be going to school- life is going to be really challenging. We will have no income, and will have to live on John's financial aid. Paxton is going to spend every evening with a sitter, and figuring out transportation to and from wherever we go is going to be HARD. We have been married almost 4 years and we have survived thus far with only one vehicle. I have total faith that the Lord will provide a way. PLEASE pray for us in the mean time. The car situation will probably be the first thing to change once John secures employment next summer. His parents have graciously allowed us to live with them until then.

I apologize for the lack of pictures on here. The camera is missing, and is also not working properly (silly me, I should know better than to let Paxton discover the art of photography).

um.... let's see... what other random things can I tell you guys about?...


.... i've lost weight?

yeah, I've definitely lost weight. I still have more to loose, but I must say my post- baby body is starting to put a smile on my face, instead of tears in my eyes. My goal is to loose my last 25-35 poundage by the end of the year. It really should only take 3 or 4 months, but I give myself as much time as possible because my body is notorious for engaging some bad-ass plateau phases. I loose weight extremely easily other than that.
I gained a LOT during pregnancy, but I had also gained a LOT after being married.I've gotten the baby weight off, now off comes the newlywed weight. My small frame just cannot handle it. Yes, I might LOOK like I'm anorexic, but believe me when I tell you my body feels so much better and functions properly at my appropriate size. Put it to you this way.... over the past 4 and a half years, I gained 80 pounds. yeah, some of that was pregnancy weight, but I still had to loose it- so it still counts. Considering the fact that at my lightest- I was still about 10 to 15 pounds away from my ideal weight.... so I still have a little ways to go.
but it's happening!!

that's all for now- child just woke up and I need to get back to work!

May 21, 2012

Pax-man at 15 months

 I keep a journal for Paxton. I write in it every month. I figured, if I am going to do all the same things for all of my children, I had better start out realistically. I thought I'd share his 15 month milestones with y'all.

We went to the doc on Friday and got some stats.
Height: 76 centimeters - 20th percentile (not surprising)
Weight: 20.8 pounds- 10th percentile  (also not surprising)
head circ. 50 centimeters
6 teeth
3 head injuries

anecdotes of the pax-man:
yesterday he said "cookie" as clear as day when we handed him a chips ahoy chewy.
Sleeping through the night in his own bed
talks in his sleep
blows kisses
gives hugs on request
will lean in and let you kiss HIM when you ask for one.
dances to any music or rythmic noises he hears,such as a hammer pounding upstairs, or the washing machine on the spin cycle
does a dance when he gets excited about something (think Maniac from flashdance)
Loves to cuddle with his bear- which is freaking adorable
LOVES to be outside
rarely walks and only runs
waves bye bye
claps his hands when I say "YAY!"
when he hears the dogs in our complex barking, he barks back.
When I ask " are you a monkey?" he'll make monkey noises.
When I tell him to be soft, he strokes my face gently, then he slaps it. We're still working on it......

He keeps me busy, but I love him to bits.

May 10, 2012


I've been agonizing over my life (specifically, why I do the things I do, and how to make it stop) for what seems like forever. I realized that I have learned a lot about myself, and have experienced things that are important for me to become the person I want to be. I still have a long way to go.

I try to seek things that will help me in the process. Honestly, I wonder if I would be ahead of this "game " if I had not been so rebellious towards heavenly Father and actually sought out his help. I really struggle with that. I struggle to be close to him. I am full of shame, and sometimes I wonder if I am worth loving.  I know what the scriptures say- Nothing could separate us from the love of God ( Somewhere in Romans, I think) and I know this to be true for everyone else. It's not so difficult for me to understand that he loves everyone even though many blatantly deny that he exists and do everything in their power to go completely against any sort of higher being.  A lot of the time, I feel like his love would feel more real if I had made more mistakes.

I lack pretty much all the experiences required to be a productive member of society, and I cannot seem to get past the fact that I was made this way by other people, and Now I have to take responsibility for the mess THEY made, and learn the proper way to be a woman, adult, mother, wife, daughter.

I have been reading the Miracle of forgiveness for the past week or so. My Mom got it for me for Christmas when I was 16 or 17.  She's always been the practical gift-giver. I have tried to read it several times- but somehow it never "hooked" me in. I supposed there was no keen interest in the subject.

This time around, I am reading it because I am looking for something specific, but got a lot more information than I thought I would. I have learned that I do not know anything about Repentance or forgiveness. If you ask my husband, I have a huge problem apologizing, and when I hear him say "i'm sorry" it means NOTHING to me. It's not surprising- I was parented by the most un-repentant, un-forgiving, and proud male on the east coast. I know a little about The love our Heavenly Father has for us. I have learned that I have recently been SO blinded by the ideals of society and the quest for political correctness. I found myself disagreeing with several "minor sins" that Spencer W Kimball specifically outlines in the book, and a couple of major ones. Not that I have been trying to justify myself (I haven't committed any major sins in my lifetime so far) but because my ideals have been changed and altered by what the world has made acceptable. It's not the first time I have disagreed with Spencer W Kimball- I think he might be the only one I have. What is interesting is that I'm RELATED to the guy...... Satan is a sly dog.

I know that I cannot be healed, and cannot progress in the repentance process and give myself to the Lord until I can forgive my Dad, and everyone else who has hurt me. I woke up from a dream one night, and had realized that the one person who has damaged me the most in my life- is the one I am the kindest to. I figured if I have a relationship with this person, I can work toward the same goals with the others.

This has been such a hard thing to even consider. My present is painful because of my past, but I know that this is something I need to do in order to become closer to my heavenly Father, and therefore become the Woman, the Mother and Wife that he would have me be. I am not very successful practicing my own philosophies, so it's my time to use the method that works.

I don't make my thoughts and inner feelings public because I look for pity, or fish for complements. I do this because I have nothing to hide, and maybe others can learn from my struggles and better their lives, too.

May 1, 2012

Summertime and Beauty school

I've been gone for a while. Time for an end-of-the-semester summary and a general  forecast for the summer.

School. is. out. HOORAH!  Even though the Arizona summers are ungodly, I have come to relish this time of year. I honestly don't remember last summer. I just remember we had a lot going on. We had several visitors, and went on a trip as a family to my hometown- Tampa, Florida.

This summer I find myself going "now what?"
I am a creature of constant changes, and my life feels full and productive when It is kept busy.

John is done with School and will be returning to work for General Dynamics full-time this summer. His job has been a huge blessing, and we are expecting to see a raise soon.

Paxton is Paxton. He is into everything and is such an endearing little boy. He is full of energy and we adore him.

Online schooling has been somewhat difficult. Many of you may not know this about me, but my Dad took me out of school at the very end of my 4th grade year. The 11 years that followed were completely un-devoted to the education of me and my siblings. Up until last semester, my formal education level was 5th grade. I had only been tested once. Never by the state. The school system had no idea I existed. We were just plain out withdrawn and disappeared. Sounds Vaguely similar to Joe Dirt......
 Even now, I have extreme difficulty with basic math. There was a lot that had been neglected, and by the Grace and love of our Father in Heaven, I was able to pass the GED with a high enough score to be admitted into ASU.

Being a first time mom and a first time student has taken a toll on me. Anxiety levels have been at an all-time high, and almost everything in my life has been neglected as a coping mechanism to that anxiety. However, I have been like a sponge and have absorbed the learning process and I can say that I love to learn, and I learn things really fast. It's been a fascinating year. I have decided to conclude my time at ASU and continue a more skill-based education at EVIT and become a beautician.

Many people have asked me "what made you decide to do beauty school?"
And I tell them:
1. it's cheaper than going to ASU
2. I can actually use my schooling as a career (my major was Family and Human Development, and there is not much you can do with it)
3. I could be done in a year instead of 7 or 8 
In order to graduate on time (it was a 5 year program to begin with) i would need over 16 credit hours a semester, and realistically I can only manage 12 per semester. If I took only 12 a semester, I would have to be in school longer- throw in taking time off to have more babies (cause i'm not going to wait another 4+ years to have a second) and I would be screwed to say the least.
5. I've let myself go, and I don't want to use " i've never been properly taught how to take care of myself " as a crutch or excuse when I haven't showered, brushed my teeth, and forgotten deodorant altogether for several days.

 lastly, and most important
6. I've ALWAYS wanted to be in the beauty business.

My oldest sister Emily had a makeup collection that fascinated me. I would always get into trouble because I would play with her things and she would get mad. But it didn't stop me. (yeah, I was kind of a snot in that regard) I loved getting and giving makeovers and I remember getting one of those makeup kits from walmart when I was about 12 or 13 and loving it. I read beauty books, and did a ton of research on skin care when I struggled with severe acne. I have always been enriched and intrigued by the ever- evolving world of beauty.

I'd say that it's about time to cultivate that love.I would have gone to beauty school straight away had it not been for the extreme negative vibes I got from my Dad when I displayed the passion. (or any attempt to take care of myself, for that matter- cause obviously brushing and flossing are the first signs of becoming a communist).
 If not for me, attending beauty school will be a tribute to Emily, who tried to teach me how to be beautiful and think for myself in the first place.

I start June 4th.

March 28, 2012


I have come to the realization that spring is my favorite time of year. Things of great value in my life are commonly associated with the springtime.

The first, being the newness of all things. Flowers poke through the ground, and new leaves appear on the trees. Birds build their nests, and the world seems to flourish in front of my eyes.

Second, General Conference. I have not always been a conference person. Matter of fact, when I was a kid I dreaded it. Conference meant we had to sit still through 2 hours of old men talking about Jesus in mono-tone voices. BORING. I would have loved to stay home and be confined to my bedroom, instead.
As I got older, I started getting excited about it, and looking forward to it.  Now, conference means something totally different. I feel my spirit slowly dwindling, and when I think I can't take it anymore, lo and behold, conference is just around the corner. It's always perfect timing.

Third, Easter. Easter has been on my list of favorite "holidays" since I can remember. Even though I love Christmas, I never wanted to say it was my favorite- cause that is everyone's favorite holiday. Most holidays lost the little meaning it had once my sister died. Easter has been constant. Easter is a reminder of the love I have for my Savior, and the love he has for me. Attending the Easter pageant in Mesa, AZ is a tradition I want to keep in my family for as long as possible.

The church was organized in the springtime, as well as the Relief Society. Spring break is also a pretty rad time, too. Springtime just rocks.

March 2, 2012


 I am in a major funk these days. and when I say "these days" I mean for the past year. It may not come as a surprise to the few people who are a part of my personal life, but my parents are getting a divorce. They have been separated for at least two months now.

Not that this divorce hasn't been desperately needed, because it is. It's just been ugly and painful. I am sad because I am across the country from my family, and my heart breaks that I can't be there to comfort and support where it is needed. This upheaval has stirred many heartbreaking memories, and I am constantly bottled up with many emotions. Most of them being anger. Which is kind of a new thing for me.

Something that has really frustrated me is the way I have been coping with them as of late. Netflix. Pinterest.. Stalking people I used to know on Facebook... and youtube. I watch a LOT of makeup and beauty tutorials on youtube. More than I care to admit. I call all this "numbing" because after I start, I can't stop. Eventually, I completely forget that I was feeling sad or angry or both. It works like a charm. I guess it's better than drinking....

This frustrates me, because I can't stand this behavior in other people, much less, myself.
This is something my bio dad (I'mma call him BILL on here from now on, cause calling him Dad gives me the creep- a- leeps) did ALL the time. The television was always on, even when he was sleeping, and always at a deafening volume. If the tv was off, he was on the computer. If both of those were off, we were in the car, driving to wherever it was we were going ( I swear I spent 3/4 of my childhood in the car).

I was really good at coping with his choice in lifestyle. I spent my time in my room listening to music, reading, or going outside to lay in the sun, or jump on my gorgeous trampoline. I also got really good at baking. Household chores were my responsibility, so I spent lots of  time doing those things, too. I kept a journal. I have a huge stack of them sitting in my husband's closet.

Why can't I do that now? Why can't I just cope the healthy way and journal? ( I did yesterday, and I actually feel SO much better.) Why do I get sucked into the media for comfort? Not to mention- I use all that time up and I seemingly neglect My son and miss some of those precious moments. That breaks my heart, right there.

Not anymore. I am going to play more music in my home. I probably won't start baking cause I am on a sugar free, dairy free, gluten free diet (by doctor's orders). I can't jump on my trampoline. I can sorta lay out in the sun. Since this is Arizona, I could do it for maybe 5 minutes.....
Household chores are still my responsibility, and I neglect those religiously. I will not neglect my child. I will do my schoolwork. I will read my texbooks. I will read for recreation.

anyway- the point is, I'm not going to Numb anymore!

And thanks to Katie Claire I have some musical band-aids to listen to when I want to "take the suck out of my life." ( by the way, if you even read this, Kate, You actually have great taste in music. Not that validation really matters in that area, but I am a trained musician and know good music when I hear it. Props to you. It's rare these days. cherish it.)

As for me, I'm going to get off this computer, go upstairs and clean my room (diapers. so. many. diapers.) and go pull all of my journals out and read them and cry. Maybe I will walk to fresh and easy on the corner and buy myself a pint of dairy free- sugar free ice cream (it sounds like it would be gross, but it's delish.).

January 24, 2012


I just finished writing a paper for my english class, and I wanted to update about my new year's resolutions while I had a few seconds to myself.

Trying to get gifts to EVERYONE of my loved ones on time is just not going to work. I should have known better. I HAVE been successful in remembering every body's birthday so far. Whether it's been a facebook message, a card, a text, or a hug, I have remembered!

now that I have gotten that off my chest, I wanted to give a brief update on my goal to be more positive. So far, I am doing alright. I have slipped here and there, but I am noticing that the quarrels I have with my husband last for about 30 seconds, and then everything is back to the way it was. Quick healing. Not trying to get pity from anyone, But I had a miscarriage earlier this week, and it has made me think very deeply about my life and role as a mother. I know what I want, but I know that heavenly father has plans for me, as well. I want to do what I can to do what he has planned for me. I have decided to stay enrolled in school and get my degree for as long as I need, but I will also be mothering as many children as the lord wants me to at the same time.

I am working on the whole "keeping a clean house" bit. We have been home from Oregon for.... maybe 3 weeks now, and it has been accompanied with lots of new purchases and a clogged kitchen sink for a week. As you can probably imagine, We haven't quite "settled in" just yet. I've mopped our gross floors once, and they were mopped again last week by my good friends. It's getting there. making a house into a home is HARD. I wish I would have known what it took when I had that special gift registry gun at Target. Much of this would have been avoided. Oh well.

As a part of taking better care of myself, My sugar intake has been WAY low since we got home (imagine that. I usually don't keep sweets in our house) and John has been denying me nothing. As a part of my birthday month, he has taken me shopping for new clothes, and has let me re- stock my beauty supplies and tools. I am a well kept woman! I sure love him. He even let me stay in bed all day on Friday, and came home early to take care of me and Pax.

He really is a good man, and an amazing father. I don't appreciate him publicly enough.

So far, this year is turning out to be pretty good.

We have come to the conclusion that Mesa is home, and we are here to stay if it is where the Lord wants us to be. Here's to spending half of my life in the pool!

January 9, 2012


Began preparations for Paxton to be born
Quit my job with mesa public schools
Mom came for a visit
Had my 21st birthday
John started a new semester at ASU and went to work full-time for General Dynamics

Paxton was born!
Mom went back home (boo)
I had breastfeeding issues

Went on my first grocery shopping adventure as a mother
Paxton's baby blessing
Delighted in a really good shamrock shake
Went to Utah to see family and friends

Hot enough to swim and take Pax into the pool.
Cousin Emily came to play!

Uncle Alan and Uncle Mike came to visit from Australia
Naomi and Jared came to visit from Portland
John, Paxton, and I went to Florida for 10 days to see my family

June, July, and August were spent indoors or in pool. Who wants to brave 118 degree weather? not me. My Sister in- law Cynthia, and all her kids came to visit. I love them. Celebrated Tiffany's birthday while the in-laws were at a High school reunion in Utah.  Another year of school started at ASU.... for BOTH of us. I enrolled in an online degree program, and have been loving all the stuff I'm learning.

Hmmmm, what happened in september? Lots of schoolwork.

Paxton gets his first tooth, followed shortly by the second.
I threw a surprise party for John's 25th birthday.
Three weeks later, he starts walking. Just in time for Halloween.
This year was the first, that we have been home and handed out candy.

I hosted thanksgiving at our home. It was quite nice.

Semester ends and grades are awesome!
We go to Portland, OR for Christmas/winter break
We celebrated 3 years of marriage

Our lives were richly blessed in 2011. May 2012 be less crazy. No more traveling for a while.