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I just finished writing a paper for my english class, and I wanted to update about my new year's resolutions while I had a few seconds to myself.

Trying to get gifts to EVERYONE of my loved ones on time is just not going to work. I should have known better. I HAVE been successful in remembering every body's birthday so far. Whether it's been a facebook message, a card, a text, or a hug, I have remembered!

now that I have gotten that off my chest, I wanted to give a brief update on my goal to be more positive. So far, I am doing alright. I have slipped here and there, but I am noticing that the quarrels I have with my husband last for about 30 seconds, and then everything is back to the way it was. Quick healing. Not trying to get pity from anyone, But I had a miscarriage earlier this week, and it has made me think very deeply about my life and role as a mother. I know what I want, but I know that heavenly father has plans for me, as well. I want to do what I can to do what…


Began preparations for Paxton to be born
Quit my job with mesa public schools
Mom came for a visit
Had my 21st birthday
John started a new semester at ASU and went to work full-time for General Dynamics

Paxton was born!
Mom went back home (boo)
I had breastfeeding issues

Went on my first grocery shopping adventure as a mother
Paxton's baby blessing
Delighted in a really good shamrock shake
Went to Utah to see family and friends

Hot enough to swim and take Pax into the pool.
Cousin Emily came to play!

Uncle Alan and Uncle Mike came to visit from Australia
Naomi and Jared came to visit from Portland
John, Paxton, and I went to Florida for 10 days to see my family

June, July, and August were spent indoors or in pool. Who wants to brave 118 degree weather? not me. My Sister in- law Cynthia, and all her kids came to visit. I love them. Celebrated Tiffany's birthday while the in-laws were at a High school reunion in Utah.  Another year of school started at…