Began preparations for Paxton to be born
Quit my job with mesa public schools
Mom came for a visit
Had my 21st birthday
John started a new semester at ASU and went to work full-time for General Dynamics

Paxton was born!
Mom went back home (boo)
I had breastfeeding issues

Went on my first grocery shopping adventure as a mother
Paxton's baby blessing
Delighted in a really good shamrock shake
Went to Utah to see family and friends

Hot enough to swim and take Pax into the pool.
Cousin Emily came to play!

Uncle Alan and Uncle Mike came to visit from Australia
Naomi and Jared came to visit from Portland
John, Paxton, and I went to Florida for 10 days to see my family

June, July, and August were spent indoors or in pool. Who wants to brave 118 degree weather? not me. My Sister in- law Cynthia, and all her kids came to visit. I love them. Celebrated Tiffany's birthday while the in-laws were at a High school reunion in Utah.  Another year of school started at ASU.... for BOTH of us. I enrolled in an online degree program, and have been loving all the stuff I'm learning.

Hmmmm, what happened in september? Lots of schoolwork.

Paxton gets his first tooth, followed shortly by the second.
I threw a surprise party for John's 25th birthday.
Three weeks later, he starts walking. Just in time for Halloween.
This year was the first, that we have been home and handed out candy.

I hosted thanksgiving at our home. It was quite nice.

Semester ends and grades are awesome!
We go to Portland, OR for Christmas/winter break
We celebrated 3 years of marriage

Our lives were richly blessed in 2011. May 2012 be less crazy. No more traveling for a while.


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