I just finished writing a paper for my english class, and I wanted to update about my new year's resolutions while I had a few seconds to myself.

Trying to get gifts to EVERYONE of my loved ones on time is just not going to work. I should have known better. I HAVE been successful in remembering every body's birthday so far. Whether it's been a facebook message, a card, a text, or a hug, I have remembered!

now that I have gotten that off my chest, I wanted to give a brief update on my goal to be more positive. So far, I am doing alright. I have slipped here and there, but I am noticing that the quarrels I have with my husband last for about 30 seconds, and then everything is back to the way it was. Quick healing. Not trying to get pity from anyone, But I had a miscarriage earlier this week, and it has made me think very deeply about my life and role as a mother. I know what I want, but I know that heavenly father has plans for me, as well. I want to do what I can to do what he has planned for me. I have decided to stay enrolled in school and get my degree for as long as I need, but I will also be mothering as many children as the lord wants me to at the same time.

I am working on the whole "keeping a clean house" bit. We have been home from Oregon for.... maybe 3 weeks now, and it has been accompanied with lots of new purchases and a clogged kitchen sink for a week. As you can probably imagine, We haven't quite "settled in" just yet. I've mopped our gross floors once, and they were mopped again last week by my good friends. It's getting there. making a house into a home is HARD. I wish I would have known what it took when I had that special gift registry gun at Target. Much of this would have been avoided. Oh well.

As a part of taking better care of myself, My sugar intake has been WAY low since we got home (imagine that. I usually don't keep sweets in our house) and John has been denying me nothing. As a part of my birthday month, he has taken me shopping for new clothes, and has let me re- stock my beauty supplies and tools. I am a well kept woman! I sure love him. He even let me stay in bed all day on Friday, and came home early to take care of me and Pax.

He really is a good man, and an amazing father. I don't appreciate him publicly enough.

So far, this year is turning out to be pretty good.

We have come to the conclusion that Mesa is home, and we are here to stay if it is where the Lord wants us to be. Here's to spending half of my life in the pool!


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