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I have come to the realization that spring is my favorite time of year. Things of great value in my life are commonly associated with the springtime.

The first, being the newness of all things. Flowers poke through the ground, and new leaves appear on the trees. Birds build their nests, and the world seems to flourish in front of my eyes.

Second, General Conference. I have not always been a conference person. Matter of fact, when I was a kid I dreaded it. Conference meant we had to sit still through 2 hours of old men talking about Jesus in mono-tone voices. BORING. I would have loved to stay home and be confined to my bedroom, instead.
As I got older, I started getting excited about it, and looking forward to it.  Now, conference means something totally different. I feel my spirit slowly dwindling, and when I think I can't take it anymore, lo and behold, conference is just around the corner. It's always perfect timing.

Third, Easter. Easter has been on my list of favorite &qu…


I am in a major funk these days. and when I say "these days" I mean for the past year. It may not come as a surprise to the few people who are a part of my personal life, but my parents are getting a divorce. They have been separated for at least two months now.

Not that this divorce hasn't been desperately needed, because it is. It's just been ugly and painful. I am sad because I am across the country from my family, and my heart breaks that I can't be there to comfort and support where it is needed. This upheaval has stirred many heartbreaking memories, and I am constantly bottled up with many emotions. Most of them being anger. Which is kind of a new thing for me.

Something that has really frustrated me is the way I have been coping with them as of late. Netflix. Pinterest.. Stalking people I used to know on Facebook... and youtube. I watch a LOT of makeup and beauty tutorials on youtube. More than I care to admit. I call all this "numbing" because …