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Pax-man at 15 months

I keep a journal for Paxton. I write in it every month. I figured, if I am going to do all the same things for all of my children, I had better start out realistically. I thought I'd share his 15 month milestones with y'all.

We went to the doc on Friday and got some stats.
Height: 76 centimeters - 20th percentile (not surprising)
Weight: 20.8 pounds- 10th percentile  (also not surprising)
head circ. 50 centimeters
6 teeth
3 head injuries

anecdotes of the pax-man:
yesterday he said "cookie" as clear as day when we handed him a chips ahoy chewy.
Sleeping through the night in his own bed
talks in his sleep
blows kisses
gives hugs on request
will lean in and let you kiss HIM when you ask for one.
dances to any music or rythmic noises he hears,such as a hammer pounding upstairs, or the washing machine on the spin cycle
does a dance when he gets excited about something (think Maniac from flashdance)
Loves to cuddle with his bear- which is freaking adorable
LOVES to be outs…


I've been agonizing over my life (specifically, why I do the things I do, and how to make it stop) for what seems like forever. I realized that I have learned a lot about myself, and have experienced things that are important for me to become the person I want to be. I still have a long way to go.

I try to seek things that will help me in the process. Honestly, I wonder if I would be ahead of this "game " if I had not been so rebellious towards heavenly Father and actually sought out his help. I really struggle with that. I struggle to be close to him. I am full of shame, and sometimes I wonder if I am worth loving.  I know what the scriptures say- Nothing could separate us from the love of God ( Somewhere in Romans, I think) and I know this to be true for everyone else. It's not so difficult for me to understand that he loves everyone even though many blatantly deny that he exists and do everything in their power to go completely against any sort of higher being.  …

Summertime and Beauty school

I've been gone for a while. Time for an end-of-the-semester summary and a general  forecast for the summer.

School. is. out. HOORAH!  Even though the Arizona summers are ungodly, I have come to relish this time of year. I honestly don't remember last summer. I just remember we had a lot going on. We had several visitors, and went on a trip as a family to my hometown- Tampa, Florida.

This summer I find myself going "now what?"
I am a creature of constant changes, and my life feels full and productive when It is kept busy.

John is done with School and will be returning to work for General Dynamics full-time this summer. His job has been a huge blessing, and we are expecting to see a raise soon.

Paxton is Paxton. He is into everything and is such an endearing little boy. He is full of energy and we adore him.

Online schooling has been somewhat difficult. Many of you may not know this about me, but my Dad took me out of school at the very end of my 4th grade year. The 11…