Summertime and Beauty school

I've been gone for a while. Time for an end-of-the-semester summary and a general  forecast for the summer.

School. is. out. HOORAH!  Even though the Arizona summers are ungodly, I have come to relish this time of year. I honestly don't remember last summer. I just remember we had a lot going on. We had several visitors, and went on a trip as a family to my hometown- Tampa, Florida.

This summer I find myself going "now what?"
I am a creature of constant changes, and my life feels full and productive when It is kept busy.

John is done with School and will be returning to work for General Dynamics full-time this summer. His job has been a huge blessing, and we are expecting to see a raise soon.

Paxton is Paxton. He is into everything and is such an endearing little boy. He is full of energy and we adore him.

Online schooling has been somewhat difficult. Many of you may not know this about me, but my Dad took me out of school at the very end of my 4th grade year. The 11 years that followed were completely un-devoted to the education of me and my siblings. Up until last semester, my formal education level was 5th grade. I had only been tested once. Never by the state. The school system had no idea I existed. We were just plain out withdrawn and disappeared. Sounds Vaguely similar to Joe Dirt......
 Even now, I have extreme difficulty with basic math. There was a lot that had been neglected, and by the Grace and love of our Father in Heaven, I was able to pass the GED with a high enough score to be admitted into ASU.

Being a first time mom and a first time student has taken a toll on me. Anxiety levels have been at an all-time high, and almost everything in my life has been neglected as a coping mechanism to that anxiety. However, I have been like a sponge and have absorbed the learning process and I can say that I love to learn, and I learn things really fast. It's been a fascinating year. I have decided to conclude my time at ASU and continue a more skill-based education at EVIT and become a beautician.

Many people have asked me "what made you decide to do beauty school?"
And I tell them:
1. it's cheaper than going to ASU
2. I can actually use my schooling as a career (my major was Family and Human Development, and there is not much you can do with it)
3. I could be done in a year instead of 7 or 8 
In order to graduate on time (it was a 5 year program to begin with) i would need over 16 credit hours a semester, and realistically I can only manage 12 per semester. If I took only 12 a semester, I would have to be in school longer- throw in taking time off to have more babies (cause i'm not going to wait another 4+ years to have a second) and I would be screwed to say the least.
5. I've let myself go, and I don't want to use " i've never been properly taught how to take care of myself " as a crutch or excuse when I haven't showered, brushed my teeth, and forgotten deodorant altogether for several days.

 lastly, and most important
6. I've ALWAYS wanted to be in the beauty business.

My oldest sister Emily had a makeup collection that fascinated me. I would always get into trouble because I would play with her things and she would get mad. But it didn't stop me. (yeah, I was kind of a snot in that regard) I loved getting and giving makeovers and I remember getting one of those makeup kits from walmart when I was about 12 or 13 and loving it. I read beauty books, and did a ton of research on skin care when I struggled with severe acne. I have always been enriched and intrigued by the ever- evolving world of beauty.

I'd say that it's about time to cultivate that love.I would have gone to beauty school straight away had it not been for the extreme negative vibes I got from my Dad when I displayed the passion. (or any attempt to take care of myself, for that matter- cause obviously brushing and flossing are the first signs of becoming a communist).
 If not for me, attending beauty school will be a tribute to Emily, who tried to teach me how to be beautiful and think for myself in the first place.

I start June 4th.


  1. I think that it is awesome that you are doing something you like! If you need a guinea pig, let me know!!! :)

    The other thing - that is awesome about life - you don't have to do one thing. You can go to beauty school now, which is practical and a good way to make money. When your children are older, you can continue with it. Or, if you have a passion pushing you elsewhere, then you can do that, too. Who says you can only do one thing in life?!

    I hate the notion that we have to decide what to do with our lives when we're in our early twenties. There is so much that changes over time...So, I'm really happy and cheering for you - that you are following your passion and interest. That being said, when we have an interest, usually it is a good indicator of what we should be doing with our lives.. :) funny how it works that way.

    I really believe that Heavenly Father gives us interests for a reason, usually those are the things that we tend to be talented in. It is great that you are learning more about it - rather than burying and denying the desire that you've had. I'm sure that you'll do well.

  2. I totally agree! This decision is going to require several sacrifices on my part, but I believe this to be the best avenue if I want to have any sort of formal education. Pax will have to have a babysitter 5 days a week instead of me being at home with him all day, and I won't be able to participate in the choir I had auditioned for a few weeks ago. These things will still be there waiting for me after I get my license, and I hope that I can be an even better mom for paxton and a better woman altogether. So far, everyone I have told about this decision has been extremely supportive (and offered to be the guinea pig or has been willing to come to me as a client) and really positive about it, which makes me feel SO good. Just another indicator that my life is continuing on the right track. Thanks for the support!


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