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Catch -up

It's been a long time since I posted something up here. My life has been consumed by putting more effort into my other blog. It's doing pretty good. Obviously, I haven't made the "oh my gosh, your that one girl from that one cool blog" reaction from perfect strangers yet, but I might get there one day.

School is good. I really like what I am learning, and even better, I am getting awesome grades.
I take theory tests almost weekly, and so far, I've aced them all. I hope to be considered for  a scholarship in January. I will be accepting clients in January :)

John is busy. The weeks fly by because we are so busy. I can't believe it's october already!
He has Work/ volunteering/internship in the morning, then school in the afternoon. He has no school on friday, which is nice. We see each other in the morning for a few minutes, and then for an hour after I get home with Pax-man.

We bought John a scooter because there was no way we would be able to coordina…