Catch -up

It's been a long time since I posted something up here. My life has been consumed by putting more effort into my other blog. It's doing pretty good. Obviously, I haven't made the "oh my gosh, your that one girl from that one cool blog" reaction from perfect strangers yet, but I might get there one day.

School is good. I really like what I am learning, and even better, I am getting awesome grades.
I take theory tests almost weekly, and so far, I've aced them all. I hope to be considered for  a scholarship in January. I will be accepting clients in January :)

John is busy. The weeks fly by because we are so busy. I can't believe it's october already!
He has Work/ volunteering/internship in the morning, then school in the afternoon. He has no school on friday, which is nice. We see each other in the morning for a few minutes, and then for an hour after I get home with Pax-man.

We bought John a scooter because there was no way we would be able to coordinate who got the car and who would have to find other means of transport. It was a smart move for us. Much less expensive than purchasing a second vehicle. Luck for both of us, John loves his scooter. he has an absolute blast driving that thing. For a while, the picture of his scooter (called "ginger" due to her lovely orange color) was the wallpaper on his iPhone for a while. He's such a boy, sometimes.

We are really anticipating the next phase of our life.
John was able to do some networking at a teaching convention, that lead to an invaluable connection. He can get a job at whatever high school he wants in the phoenix and mesa school districts, even if there are no job openings. He wants to teach at mesa high, and that is the plan. after he makes it through this semester, he will be student teaching until May of next year, and most likely working for General dynamics during the summer until he has to set up his classroom.  We hope to be able to buy our second home soon after. we have not made any plans as to what to do with our townhouse, whether we keep renting it, or sell it eventually (if the market ever picks back up). I know I am looking forward to a second car (a minivan) and to have another baby. things will happen in due time.
I hate the phase of  "wait and see" because I like to have somewhat of a plan.We got called as nursery leaders in our brand new ward. on paxton's first sunday in nursery. it's not as bad as I thought it would be.

Paxton is into everything. I think I have just given up on trying to keep my house child-proof. nothing is Paxton- proof. If he wants something, he will find a way to get it. A quality I like in adults, not babies. He is SO vocal. I have a hard time understanding him, but I'm getting better. He WHINES all the time. I'm trying to get him to stop that.
 He has all 4 molars, 4 teeth on top, 3 on bottom. Our nursing relationship is complicated. I've nursed him every day for 20 months, and I am really just ready to be done. I think if I can hold on another 4 months, I will have accomplished everything I wanted as a mom to her first child. Now I just have to do the same exact things for all our other kids. next month, We are going to start potty-training. yippee.

That is pretty much everything we have had going on. Hope everyone is well.


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