My Big boy

I'm kind of mad that this new computer has nowhere for a memory card. Can't upload any pictures from my brand new camera.

Anyway, I haven't written down any of paxton's milestones since he was about 18 months, and seeing that he'll be 2 in 2 weeks, I've got some catching up I need to do.

The main thing that has exploded lately has been his vocabulary. he is really starting to communicate effectively. There are some times when i have to really think about what he is saying or asking for, and i just can't identify what it is. Today I discovered the main word that was majorly stumping me.
He used to say it over and over again, whine for it, scream it at the top of his lungs at the grocery store. The word is "puship" which apparently means fruit. "mee-as" means banana, and "busgh" means peanut butter. We are working on those. He'll say "chicken" if he wants any type of meat, and this morning he asked for sausage by name. He's putting words together in short sentences like " I found it!" "go night night?" and "take it". one of his favorite phrases is to announce "I farted!" any time he toots, or burps, or if anyone else burps. Normally i'll correct him and say, "no, you burped." and he'll smile back and say "burp".

He is learning to ask for things by combining words that he knows in the right order. This morning he asked me for a cookie, and for milk to dip it in, by saying "cookie? milk? dip!" and yesterday I was putting him down for a nap as Grandma was pulling homemade bread from the oven. i told him it was time to go night-night, and as I put him in his crib, he said as clear a s a bell, "GRANDMA FOOD! " and pointing out to the kitchen. I knew exactly what he wanted, and I took him back out for a slice of bread. he went down for a nap without a peep afterwards. Some of his other words are:
otis (the dog)
grandma (which he uses for both grandma and grandpa)
Daddy (sounds like dah-ee)
shoes (shoes and sushi sound a lot alike)
please (pees)
thank you (dit -doo)
Your welcome (woh-com)
I love you (eye-yew!)
George (for curious george)
huggie (hug)
get out ( he uses only when he's ready to be up for the day and wants out of our bedroom)
down (when he wants out of the crib, or out of his high chair)
all done
poopy (when he's got a stinky diaper)
All clean! (when the change is done)

i can't think of any more right now, but that's a lot of words for an almost two year old
He's up to a size 5 in diapers, and wearing size 24 months and some 2T clothes. he's getting really brave and this last Sunday he climbed up onto one of the tables in nursery and leaped off, stuck the landing, and said "I MADE IT!" at the top of his lungs with his hands in the air. then the rest of the kids started doing it, so I had to take the table down.

he will still sleep in bed with us, which is nice. Usually we only pull him in bed if he wakes up crying or I want to sleep in. he slept in bed with me for an entire HOUR longer than he has been in his crib. We will periodically have to move him, because he loves sleeping in the "H is for hell " position, where he is laying horizontally between john and I.  I was watching him sleep this morning and thought "how did my baby get so huge?"

I think I have done a good job of just enjoying him, and not being in a rush to  have him grow up. He is a fast learner like me, and an adventurous spirit like john. he keeps me busy but he is an absolute joy. I am still a little uneasy about having another one, just because I am so enjoying the stage Paxton is in. i know one thing for certain, this new baby is so chill. Pretty quiet and subdued. I'm almost positive this one is a girl.  I might be surprised, though. We'll find out in 2 ish weeks. I'm excited to see the positive changes this new baby will make in our family.


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