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Part of me

Most people who know me, know that I was raised in Florida.
I was born in Salt lake city, Utah and my parents moved me and my siblings to Tampa six months past my 1st birthday.

I get my share of homesickness when I realize how blessed my life was, just being there. And there are specific things I miss other than my crazy, Florida cracker family.

 I miss sitting under a giant oak tree and watching the spanish moss sway in the wind.

I miss the east-coast sunrises. it's like standing on the edge of the world and watching God create light for the first time.

I miss the constant noise. the bugs and birds and frogs join together in a chorus so loud it's practically deafening.

I miss the smell of the air before a thunderstorm. it smells like water straight from the hose, which for some reason is incredibly comforting.

I miss how far away everything is. I used to enjoy driving. Taking the back roads was more of a pleasure than taking the freeway. Everyday was a beautiful day. The ti…