25 weeks with Emberlee

I'm starting to warm up to the idea that I have another baby to push out in 3ish months. (25 weeks along right now). Parts of me are concerned, and all the rest just want to get it over with.
I guess hitting 25 weeks is magical, because this weekend and especially right now, I feel as uncomfortable as I was the last week of pregnancy with pax. Between varicose veins on my private parts and my relaxin- happy pubic bone and hips... I am in a lot of pain, and it is difficult to sit on the toilet to do what I gotta do. I am hoping an adjustment and some exercise will relieve some of the aching. But today, it's a little overwhelming. Pregnancy has always been hard on me emotionally.

Our food has been in coolers with ice since Thursday night. I went to the freezer to start preparing dinner, and everything had been completely defrosted. So we waited another hour or so to see if the door had been left open or if there was an actual problem. The fridge was still not cooling. We unplugg the fridge, and transfer all our food. So I make the call to our property manager to submit a work order first thing Friday morning, nobody shows up until Saturday afternoon, and in the meantime the fridge had been plugged back in, and had gotten nice and cold. The repair man sees that it is working, so we put all our food back, and I'm noticing the temperature plummeting on the thermostat as we are doing so, and not just the fridge side. So we call the repair man back, and he comes a few hours later, spends literally 5 minutes behind the fridge, and walks out the door, saying "it's fixed."
The fridge is still not working, and now there is a distinct buzzing noise that was not there before. I come home at about 10. I look at the fridge and I try to see if turning the thermostat down would do anything. Nothing. It's 11 pm and both John and I go to bed. I had a strange night, and I needed to be near John for some comfort. For over an hour, John and I could not fall asleep. I got up at 12:15 in the morning and told John that he could go play his video game if he still had trouble falling asleep, because I was going to go take a hot shower. He said he was going to just lay in bed and see. Little did I know that the Holy Ghost had been talking to him most of the evening. At some point he was told he needed to stay awake, and to stay in the bedroom. I was in the shower for about 15 minutes and I heard a really loud boom noise. It sounded as if John had tripped on a moving box in our bedroom and flew into the bathroom wall. It took a few seconds for the concern to dissapate, but then the smoke detector went off, and I leaped out of the shower. I opened the door to the bathroom and got a plume of smoke right into my face, as John walked toward me. "You need to get out of he house" he said " the compressor on the fridge just exploded, "
We closed Paxton's door and went into our bedroom. I dressed quickly, and pulled Paxton out of bed and took him outside. I held him in my arms as he slept while John opened all the windows and and doors and turned all the fans on high.

As John was laying in bed, he had still not fallen asleep. There was something keeping him from doing so and he didn't know what. He heard the loud boom, and knew exactly what had happened, and flew out of bed and straight for the fridge, and immediately unplugged it from the wall. The back of the fridge was very very hot, and the smoke had already begun to fill the house. I remember him saying " I had a feeling this might happen".

I am so grateful that John honors his priesthood and that he can hear and obey the promptings of the Holy Ghost. If he had fallen asleep, and had not unplugged the fridge as soon as he did, our house would have been up in flames in a matter of minutes. It was a scary realization that we were that close to loosing everything, and I have been sufficiently humbled in regards to questioning my husband's ability to not only be the head of our household, but to be the spiritual leader of our family. He took care of everything. He got me and Paxton outside and safe first, and then made the decision to find a place to stay for the night while the smoke cleared. He then put all our food in coolers again, gathered clothing and overnight supplies and locked up the house on his own while covering his nose and mouth with a tshirt.

We are very blessed people, and I am grateful to my Father in heaven for my life, my safety and my husband.


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