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Lessons learned

I did it. I officially withdrew from beauty school.

It's been a difficult decision, but I feel so much lighter. I've decided to eliminate the beauty world from my life. The beauty blog, my twitter account, the YouTube channel..... Everything.

I go through this re-assessment phase pretty often. Usually once a year.

While my lack of consistency and inability to see things through to the end really annoy me (& John. Probably more him than me) I walk away from this experience and all others, grateful and feeling enriched.

I have learned so much over the year. I have learned more about myself than I did about hair, skin,& nails .

1. I'm content with my weaknesses. I've stopped self-loathing because I couldn't seem to do anything right ( the things I thought I should be doing & good at) and now I just accept it because it makes me feel better about me.

2. I love everything about knowledge and learning. I'm a sponge and I am not content with dedicatin…