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Family update

I used to be so good at keeping up with this blog.

erry' body is blogging these days.

So what's new?
Just a few days before Emberlee turned 1, John' parent's home of over 20 years burned down, and they lost just about everything except some key treasured items and the clothes on their back.

We sold our house in September, and while searching for a new place, lived with John's best friend. Just two days before we were to close on our town home, a huge storm came into the valley and flooded so many homes that FEMA had officially declared it a national state of emergency. Since we had just moved out of the townhouse, all of our belongings were moved into a storage unit, and the other half was stored in the shed at my Sister Kara & Brother in-law Mark's house. Both locations got extensive flooding, and we lost many of our belongings, including all our furniture (specifically our nice king size bed) except the kitchen table and two dressers. Many of my childhood…

My body is a temple

I've been slowly getting back into shape. I give myself about 12 months to loose my babyweight, so things go pretty slow. I loose a bunch right after I have my babies, and plateau until about 8 months postpartum, when they get teeth and my cycle comes back. My weight loss accelerates once that happens.

I've been helping it along with regular exercise, which is something I am not accustomed to. Eating well is more of my forte.

I started lifting weights with John 3 times a week, and it's been an amazing journey to watch my body change in the subtlest ways. so subtle, that I feel like I would not notice them if I wasn't so aware of my body. Today I decided to go on a little run because I was feeling depleted and run-down emotionally. I slid on my slick black (maybe not the best choice for 100 degree weather) compression workout capri pants, and they went on like butter instead of sausage casing. I admired the reduction of my thighs and how the waistband lay flat on my wai…