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2014 recap

I used to be so good at keeping up with this blog.


We moved out of our rental house and spent the month repairing the rental so we would get our deposit back.

We moved back into the townhouse we owned, with the notion of staying for a few more years.

I turned 24.  Sold all the extra furniture we had acquired. Paxton got his first Mohawk.


Paxton turned 3. we continued unpacking. We attened Beverly Ward for the 2nd time, and I started to REALLY question my feelings about the Church for the second time since Paxton was born.


Not a whole lot. one day at a time being mom to two littles and unpacking. John was making a 30 minute commute to work and back every day on his scooter.

April :
Prom Season! I went and did my niece's hair and makeup for her prom, and John took me to his school prom to chaperone. It was pretty fun!

We had our house appraised for re-finance. it came back good enough for us to agree to sell instead.
It took a long time to actu…