All is well

Normally I like to keep these updates about a week apart, but I have had a few things happen that I  really wanted to share.

First of all, my dizziness symptoms have seemed to disappear. The last few days have been really nice and yesterday I felt 100% normal. Every once in a while I will feel a bit off-balance, but I can usually correct it quickly. I have not felt this good in months.

I've re-incorporated gluten, dairy and sugar in moderation back into my diet with success. Grilled cheese sandwiches never tasted so darn good. I've gained 16 pounds in the last 4 weeks or so, which is a small triumph for me. It's a great indication that I am eating enough, which has been a huge struggle this pregnancy.

I met with my cardiologist and went over the results from my echo and 48 hour holter monitor, and basically everything came back on the range of normal. No holes, no enlarged heart, and a strong heart at that. He did say I have a tiny leak in one of my valves, but that is so incredibly common and non-threatening that it's normal. I also do not have an arrhythmia like I thought. I have PAC's which essentially is just an occasional extra beat. also normal and non-threatening. There was nothing indicating that my heart was causing any dizziness, and I can move forward from this knowing that My body is capable and healthy.

I just feel really good. I've been waiting for this day for a long time and I am grateful I am not taking this for granted. 

no more doctor's appointments! I can move forward with my last weeks of pregnancy feathering my nest and anticipating Maisie's arrival in peace.

We had a Dog fall into our lap. Simba is a female golden retriever/ white Pyrenees mix, and contributes a lot to the comfort I feel lately.
We are supposed to be dog-sitting, but due to the circumstances she was in prior to taking her in, we feel uncomfortable giving her back. It helps that she is the best behaved dog I have ever encountered. Awesome with the kids. super snugly and sweet, and is not food motivated at all. I left food out on the counter and left her alone in the house for 5 hours and came home to nothing out of place. We love her!

 We've spent the last week and a half painting the house and getting it freshened up, including hanging pictures and new window coverings. It's taking a long time because we are trying to be meticulous about it, and I have been left alone to get the work done a few times. I move a bit slower haha.

The remaining list of tasks seems daunting. We've got a ton still to do, and John returns to work in just a few days. Gotta crack the whip! 


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