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Blessed 2016

Hello dear friends,

How grateful I am to be able to update you on our wonderful year. We pray that this year will be even better!

In January, Emberlee started her first dance class, and absolutely loved it.

I also got my first traffic ticket and got in my first car accident!

In February, Paxton turned five. And then the whole house got the flu. My brother Abram moved
to Phoenix to work as a roofer. It was awesome to have him around.

In March, my sister Rebekah came to visit us during her spring break

April was uneventful. But May was very busy. On mother's day we talked to my mom over Skype and afterwards John had a strong impression that we needed to move to Florida.
So we took that prompting to our Bishop and to the temple, and it was confirmed that it was what we were supposed to do. So we immediately began making arrangements.

In June we listed our home for sale, sold what we could, donated what we couldn't sell, and continued preparations. We were also able to make it to …