Blessed 2016

Hello dear friends,

How grateful I am to be able to update you on our wonderful year. We pray that this year will be even better!

In January, Emberlee started her first dance class, and absolutely loved it.

I also got my first traffic ticket and got in my first car accident!

In February, Paxton turned five. And then the whole house got the flu. My brother Abram moved
to Phoenix to work as a roofer. It was awesome to have him around.

In March, my sister Rebekah came to visit us during her spring break

April was uneventful. But May was very busy. On mother's day we talked to my mom over Skype and afterwards John had a strong impression that we needed to move to Florida.
So we took that prompting to our Bishop and to the temple, and it was confirmed that it was what we were supposed to do. So we immediately began making arrangements.

In June we listed our home for sale, sold what we could, donated what we couldn't sell, and continued preparations. We were also able to make it to Utah to see John's family before we made the move. We were reunited as a family after our niece Mackenzie returned from her mission in Taiwan. We celebrated father's day and a few birthdays. I had fun shopping with friends and visiting some other old friends.
It was a wonderful, relaxing and uplifting visit and I was really sad to leave. Mostly because I knew I had more work to do at home.we said goodbye to our friends and loved ones in Arizona as the move date drew nearer.

July came around and our move date of June 30th got pushed back several days due to complications with our U-Haul rental. But after lots of unloading and repacking a few times, we were on the road to Florida. The kids did really awesome. We spent one night in Texas and then drove the rest of the way. I drove from Pensacola to Tampa so John could get some sleep. We made it on July 4th in time to see fireworks.

August was busy too. We did house hunting and moved again, and Paxton started kindergarten. John started his new teaching Job. We had a hurricane come through Florida and I was a nervous wreck. We were perfectly safe and got a nice long school break because of it.

In September , Maisie turned one. She is an absolute doll. John started the pathway program to upgrade his employment. And we had another hurricane! Luckily we had no negative effects, and all of the benefits. So a nice 5 day break from school again!
normal people buy non-perishables, but we buy cheesecake for our hurricane days.
critters abound in suburban florida
kids with my Dad. (grandad)
upick citrus 

we love the beach at night.

we took some of my family names to the temple. this couple was sealed together that day. it was such an amazing experience. a spiritual high, in my opinion.

Paxton overcame his hesitation and started riding his bike.

this is the only tree in a 10 mile radius that changed colors this fall.

In October John turned 30! And we went trick or treating with my sisters. The kids were wiped out by 7:30.

November was nice. The weather cooled down wonderfully. Thanksgiving was a nice occasion at my grandma's house. I hadn't been at Grandma's for Thanksgiving in probably 15 years. It was nice to see my cousins and their kids.

happy anniversary to us!
December brought a lot of joy. We had a nice school break, and made the decision to home school Paxton. My brother Abram moved back to Florida as a surprise for my mom. John and I celebrated 8 years of marriage, and are stronger than ever. Christmas was a lovely occasion. My grandma sat at her piano and played Christmas carols and we sang around the piano for her. She hadn't played since last Christmas but played like she hadn't missed a day.

This year was the year of learning. I read about 100 books this year. I was averaging 5 books a week for the first few months of the year, and then again after we made it to Florida.

My favorite book of the year was Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles.

We look forward to this year. We miss our friends. Hopefully I can post again soon.


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